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Can You Have Good Cholesterol?


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Yes, absolutely you can.
Cholesterol has developed a reputation of being an evil substance which has no purpose other than to damage us, and all cholesterol should be got rid of, right? Don't mention the word to young children at night, or they'll got to bed and have nightmares, right?

Wrong. Well ok, I can't vouch for the nightmares bit, I guess it depends on whether your cholesterol story comes from Alice In Wonderland or Silence of the Lambs!

Anyway, back to this evil cholesterol substance. Not all cholesterol is bad. In fact if we had no cholesterol in our bodies we would die pretty soon, because it's an essential substance when it comes to the cell building process. Having no cholesterol would be like trying to build a house with bricks made from jello - no proper strength of cell support, and inevitable collapse.

So if that's the case, why all the hoo-ha about cholesterol? Well, the problem comes from having too much of it. Cholesterol is a product we create naturally all the time, and the problems start when we take on too much extra through a bad fatty diet. If this fatty diet is also lacking in soluble fiber, then the flow of blood is reduced, the cleansing process is reduced, and the build up starts.

I am talking about a build up of the artery walls. As you can imagine with any tube that liquids flow through, if the walls begin to get lined, the room decreases, and the flow decreases as a result. Not only does this mean less gets through, in this case blood, but the blood that does pass through does so at a slower pace, increasing the chance of clotting. Reduced blood flow and blood clots are both bad - and if left unchecked, very bad, with sudden and often fatal results, i. e. heart attacks, strokes. . .

This is why cholesterol has such a bad reputation, but not only is it just one of many possible causes of heart problems, remember as a substance it is absolutely vital to our body's normal function, so don't be overly harsh when you think of it!

Patricia is a health focused content author, today helping you learn more about Cholesterol. If you are concerned about high cholesterol levels visit Lower Your Cholesterol Levels Without Drugs for tips and information on reducing your LDL levels.


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