The Strategies How To Decrease Your Cholesterol In Order To Be Healthy

Erny Setyawati

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The modern people ways of live tend to eat much and less doing sport. The caused of bad way live make your cholesterol grow high. The risks of high cholesterol are stroke and heart attack. There are two factors cause the high cholesterol, modern way life and hereditary decease. The solution for hereditary decease, take medicine every day.

Especially people have high cholesterol, caused of overweight problem and bad way of live, the solution just like below,

1. Focus on your weigh loose

Based on research, your weight can decrease 10 pons, help decrease LDL bad cholesterol 5 % until 8 %.

2. Keep on sport

Doing enough sport a day, can make better your cholesterol point, include triglyceride and blood pressure.

3. Avoid animal fat, trans fat and blender carbohydrate

Animal fat can be found in meat, whole milk, like yogurt, cheese and ice cream. According of study, zaitun oil and nut can decrease cholesterol.

4. Avoid trans oil

The calorie of trans oil more dangerous than animal oil. Most of margarines contain of trans oil, beside baking food, fast food, frying food. The fast food also create hydrogenated oil. America and modern country, the producer must specify contain of trans fat on the label.

5. Eat protracted fibrous food

The foods have rich fibrous, like oatmeal, barley, lentil, Brussels sprout, pea, bean, blackberry, per, grape fruit, prune, apricot, and broccoli can decrease amount cholesterol have absorbed.

6. Fat health omega 3 and vegetable oil

Omega 3 and vegetable oil is health for heart. Based on study for almost 15 years, people always have high diet omega 3 have lower risk 30 % until 40 % for heart attack. Omega 3 can decrease high blood pressure and HDL. We suggest to eat salmon, sardine, anchovies and mackerel, walnut and nut.

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Achieving Healthy Cholesterol Levels Through Flax Seed
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