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Microscopes have played an incredible role in the evolution of humanity by contributing towards scientific developments, research and medical practice from almost two centuries. Medical industry especially has become more accurate and reliable with the use of microscope. ENT is practiced by a wide number of doctors around the world and without ENT specialists it is difficult to imagine a healthcare system. ENT specialists need ENT microscope to make better observations and give better treatment.

If you are buying a microscope for the first time and not aware with the technicalities and terminologies of an ENT microscope, consider this article as your beginner’s guide. Read on to know what things to look for when you are buying one.

Things to Look for While Buying an ENT Microscope

1. Magnification

The first and foremost thing to look for while buying any microscope is its ability to magnify the specimen under observation. You’ll need to know two things concerning magnification, an objective lens and the eyepiece, both of which contribute to the magnification. The power of the lenses varies from 40x, 100x, 400x to 1000x. The eyepiece will further magnify the image by ten times before the light rays reach the observer. Better the magnification, better the examination and incidentally, better treatment. Thus, ensure that the ENT microscope you buy is within the above-mentioned magnification range.

2. Light Source

In ENT, light source is very important to closely check the corners of ears, nose and throat and see what the problem is. A good light source will only increase visibility for the doctor but also aid the lenses to magnify better and give accurate and clear results. LED lights are the preferred choice these days as they are very light and harmless, run for a long time, maintenance free and low cost. Thus, ensure your ENT microscope uses a LED light source.

3. Stage

A stage is essential for ENT practice for easier observations of ears, nose and throat. Instead of having a separate stage and aligning with the microscope, it is better that the stage comes along with the microscope setup. The stage will also have a working space for the doctor to pin previous medical reports, x-rays and other diagnostic reports.

4. Ergonomics

While making observations, it would be very convenient for the doctor if he/she doesn’t have to do a lot of physical work bending and leaning to make the observations through the eyepiece. If the ENT microscope setup is well designed and ergonomic, it will be automatically flexible enough to move around with little or no effort. Hence while buying a microscope, ensure that it is ergonomic and flexible to avoid a lot of physical effort. With wall and ceiling mounts, you can further make the ENT microscope flexible and easy to move around.

5. Camera

Certain parts of ears, nose and throat cannot be observed directly through the eyepiece and needs a camera which can send the video of the observation on a bigger screen, by reaching every nook and corner. Hence, while buying an ENT microscope also look for a SLR camera.

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