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Improve memory power by following these 4 health rules


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Life becomes very comfortable to lead if we have the support of our memory and our eyesight. With the power of our memory, we can easily remember all the information we need to keep in our mind on a day to day basis. It is very difficult for a person to live with a poor memory and thus forget the smallest of chores that are needed to perform. Thus, people keep trying to improve memory power so that they can lead their lives comfortably and efficiently.

Having a weak memory can almost be like having a nightmare. Especially for school children who are required to remember huge amounts of data to study and score well. Imagine their plight when they read a huge book from start to end but don’t end up remembering very little or nothing at all.

Thus, parents and guardians all across the world should take steps to make sure that their child’s memory and even eyesight is being developed at a young age and so that they can easily prevent any illnesses or weakness in these vital body functions. So what all can be done so that you can improve yours as well as your family’s memory power and make it soak information just like a sponge does with water? Here a few strategies that you can follow to improve memory power. 1. Mental development just like your physical body, your brain needs exercise to make it develop healthily. To develop your mind and improve memory power, try to work on memory aspects such as thinking skills, analytical skills, creativity, imagination and etc. 2.

Information conversion covert all the dull and boring texts into bullets points so that it will be easier rand more fun to remember. 3. Memorizing technique adapt a technique that suits you.

For example, you can convert a piece of text into an interesting story to help you remember it clearly. 4. Recalling power sometimes, we don’t entirely forget a piece of information but just fail to recall it.

Thus, here we should try to increase our awareness through retrospection of our day to day activities. Although, these may take time to show effects. However, if done regularly, they would surely help you out.

To improve eyesight, some of the same rules apply in their core values. Just like you need mental development to improve memory power , you need to do some eye exercises to improve your eyesight. Doing eye exercise will make your eye muscles work and thus be healthy for a longer time. Thus, exercise your mind and eyes regularly as well as consistently to enjoy your body functions for as long as possible


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