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The Perks of Travel Nursing Jobs


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Why would an experienced worker consider one of the travel nursing jobs available? There are a number of benefits to choosing this type of work arrangement. From good pay to travel and housing, there are many perks that go with being a nurse for hire.

Nurses who sign up for this type of work arrangement can expect to be paid an excellent hourly rate for their work. The exact amount will depend on the nurse’s level of experience and where he or she will be working. Some agencies hiring nurses for these types of assignments offer their contractors direct deposit as a payment option, and this means that the contractor can count on receiving his or her payment at regular intervals.

The agency should be able to guarantee that the nurse will be paid for the weekly number of hours set out in the contract, even if one or more shifts are canceled by the hospital. This provision provides the nurse with some financial security.

When the assignment is completed, the nurse may be entitled to a completion bonus. In a case where the term of the contract is extended from the minimum of eight weeks, the nurse would likely qualify for an extension bonus, as well as a longer work term.

Some agencies also offer loyalty bonuses. Once the nurse has completed at least a minimum number of hours, he or she may be entitled to a cash bonus, a paid vacation or housing perks.

Along with good pay, people who are working in travel nursing jobs may also qualify for a tax-free amount paid on a per Diem basis. This extra money is another good reason to consider working in different locations on a contract basis.

The cost of getting to the work location should be covered by the agency. Depending on the location, the agency may pay for the cost of air fare or provide a certain amount for mileage. The agency may provide a travel allowance.

Nurses working through an agency should ask whether the company offers benefits. A good agency will offer health and dental insurance coverage to its contractors. Life insurance may also be available to people working in this capacity. Anyone considering taking one of these positions should find out whether coverage starts immediately or if there is a waiting period.

Before choosing to take the health and dental insurance package offered by the agency, the nurse should make a point of asking about the coverage levels offered under the plan. People who have health insurance coverage in place may be entitled to a daily subsidy if they choose to continue with their current health insurance provider.

Another good question to ask is whether the agency also provides professional liability insurance coverage. People working in the health care field must be covered under this type of policy, and the cost of premiums should be part of the compensation package offered by the agency, as opposed to an add-on that the contractor is responsible for paying for.

An agency offering continuing education credits to the nurses it has under contract is one that is worth considering. Ideally, these units will be available to participating contractors on an online basis so that they can be completed at a convenient time.

Agencies hiring people for travel nursing jobs may offer a number of benefits to attract candidates to these opportunities. Qualified people can expect to receive health insurance and other perks while also being well paid for the work they do.


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