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What causes wounds to heal in human body

Tom Schavo

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Wounds, cuts or injuries are some thing which we deal everyday, But most of us don't know, what causes a wound to heal. First thing one should do soon after a cut or wound appears is, to keep the wound moist and then cover it. Leaving it open, delays wound healing by 50 %. Plain petroleum jelly works well to keep the wound moist.

Some people believe, that exposure to sun causes scar to blend with the surrounding skin. But that is totally wrong in fact, the UV radiations slow healing by interfering with new collagen production. Its always better to keep the wound covered, when going out in the sun or to apply SPF15 sunscreen.

Wounds should not be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. Although it does kill microorganisms but it also destroys white blood cells that help in repair wounds, and thus slow the healing process. Rinse the cut with plain water or even a soap can be used. Using alcohol is better as it acts like as a disinfectant. If the wound is not clean with alcohol then, visit a physician. Proper cleaning the wound reduces the risk of infection an scarring.

There are few people who think applying Vitamin E helps reduce scar. Well that is completely wrong as Vitamin E reduced healing by causing allergic reactions and the skin in that area grew late than usual time.

Nowadays, due to advancement in science and technology, even the oldest scars such as the stretch marks can be improved with lasers, which remove redness and flatten scars. And surgeries are performed to reposition a conspicuous scar. But better results are seen if they are treated within 6 to 8 weeks after the injury.

No matter what kind of injury you face, you will find proper healing systems in place either naturally or man made. Irrespective of what it is, the system that works should be used.

The Author “Dr Muna" is an Online dental consultant who worked for many multinational hospitals around the world and also provides consulting on various Medical websites. She now runs her own Online dental consulting site :

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Amelogenesis imperfecta
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