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Memory Foam Mattress Selection: Are You Organized?

Vick Condecion

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Memory Foam Mattress Selection: Are You Organized in Your Approach?

Memory foam mattresses are not merely a luxury. Actually, they can be quite therapeutic, and helpful, to your spine. They can also frequently be useful to side sleepers, and pregnant women.

Many persons find these kind of mattresses, made of visco-elastic or memory foam and latex foam, to be like resting on a cloud.

Still, you do have to be careful in your approach. That is, when shopping for a memory foam mattress online, you need to tailor things to you individually - size wise, I mean.

Thus, if you are a petite, slender person you want to look at reviews made by an individual who is also trim and slim. The reviews made by a tall man will not be of much use.

Memory Foam: Its Origins

Memory foam is made of a viscous material – it is made from polyurethane, and chemicals are then added, in order to improve weight & thickness.

The result is your body weight can be distributed evenly across the memory foam mattress – this helps you not move around so much at night. This can be helpful to those who suffer back pain.

If you're considering putting your hard-earned money into a mattress, and you're thinking of getting a memory foam bed, you probably ought to sit yourself down in front of your computer and analyze and compare brands - as well as analyze buyer reviews.

If you want to do a thorough job, you could use a screen capture software to record the brands you really like; also to record User reviews that you find useful.

Of course, if you don't feel comfortable with screen capturing, then simply write down some notes on a pad or in WordPad. You'll want to make it as detailed as you can, and leave ample space for each section, so that you can make follow on notes.

Once you've narrowed it down and have a good summary, you can hit the mattress stores. It would be a good idea to make up a list of questions to ask the sales manager. Maybe you can make up a chart with columns - one page for each brand, and columns for the pros
and cons of each manufacturer. And then ask the salesman some piercing questions.

In your chart, make a note of weak points (or curiousities) - then once you are at the store or mattress outlet, you can get those issues cleared up. Be sure to write down the answers.

Serta vs Sealy: Ask the Tough Questions

If you're comparing Serta vs Sealy, ask the representative at the store his preference. Then, ask him specifically why he likes his No. 1 pick over the other manufacturer.

Next, ask him if he has actually slept on that brand of mattress. And for how many months? What was the outcome? Make some notes again.

Another question to ask is whether you can try a bed out first; i. e. , an in-house trial. If you can, you really might want to do this, and see how it performs.

Next Step: Narrow Down by Warranty & Return Policy

Assess the competition, compare warranties and return policies, and call some companies on the phone, in addition to visiting stores. Indeed, it can be an involved process. But you're worth it, aren't you?

Choosing a Bed: Go the Extra Mile

Some of your friends, or co-workers, are bound to have a memory foam mattress. Write down what you find out, and combine it with the user feedback you got when searching online. Discuss it with your loved ones.

In particular, locate a friend who actually has a back problem and who may have been helped out with a memory foam mattress. Get specific feedback - such as ascertaining the length of time your friend has had the mattress, and “Was he helped by sleeping on a foam mattress?"

I hope these suggestions and tips have been helpful to you; I think it will at least motivate you to do better preparation, and more thorough research, before deciding on your mattress.

If you are in the market for a bed, you may wish to consider memory foam bedding. A can be healing, indeed.Still, you will really have to do exhaustive research, in order to get a bed that suits your specific needs.This article on can help prepare you.


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