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What You Need Too Know About Multiple Myeloma Treatment


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Lymphoma, both the Hodgkin’s and NHL variety, is becoming increasingly more frequent. Every year, thousands upon thousands of American citizens are found with this disease, and since the 70s, the numbers have almost doubled. Those who have beaten it once can suffer a relapse, just like other types of cancer. However, lymphoma treatment has made great progress lately, and now there are multiple treatments to consider.

The background of lymphoma treatment is a lengthy one. NHL lymphoma went through a period of rapid growth, possibly because we tend to use much more medications today that have an effect on the immune system directly. Because there are more than twenty kinds of the NHL cancer, it can be difficult to treat, as every case is different. Hodgkin’s lymphoma isn’t any simpler to treat.

For people who have already failed regular chemotherapy, there are other lymphoma treatment options available. In 1998, Rituxan was released, this works with particular lymphomas and people that have relapsed and even those with earlier stages of the disease. Ever since then, Rituxan has been added as a standard element of the treatment of the disease.

Rituxan has many benefits, mainly that it will allow for less chemotherapy and also has fewer side effects. Because it is gentler and only targets lymphoma cells, patients don’t the shortness of breath or blood count drop that regular chemotherapy typically produces. Like all drugs though, there are a few serious side-effects that should be considered very carefully.

Since Rituxan came available, a number of other types of lymphoma treatments have become available to cancer patients. Both Zevalin and Bexxar have shown much promise, particularly when compared to Rituxan's success rates. When compared to Rituxan, Zevalin showed nearly double the rate of people who witnessed a complete remission of the cancer, making it so patients could receive less chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is extremely difficult for cancer patients, so these new lymphoma treatments are a welcomed change. More recent radioimmunotherapy therapies don’t have the same hair loss, sickness and other negative effects that chemotherapy does, and these treatments have a higher success rate for years into the future.

Lymphoma treatment has come a long way in the past ten years, and now there are over 180 various drugs that are being tested for the cure for the NHL variety of the cancer. Since there are so many, it will take some time to determine which ones are best, but the greatest advantage to these drugs is they take only a week or two of treatment, compared to the months of chemotherapy.

Whether you or somebody you know is suffering from lymphoma, there are treatment methods available. Of course, there's always a chance for relapse, but make sure that you don’t let discouragement change you.

There are treatment options when it comes to . The best information can be discovered with a little research.


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