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Clearlice Lice Conditioner Repellent Fights Lice Naturally


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Clearlice conditioner repellent is an all-natural blend of botanical oils and enzymes that have many positive head lice fighting effects.

    • All Natural Enzymes mimic the molting effect of lice
    • All Natural Botanicals work for lice and nits
    • Formulated for every day use to help keep lice away
    • Acts as a natural head lice lotion

After applying Clearlice Shampoo, massage Clearlice conditioner onto the scalp until entire head is covered. Leave in for 5 minutes and then easily comb out any remaining but non-viable nits.

Remember this step will only take a few minutes and will be extremely easy because most of the lice and nits have been washed out already and the nit glue will have been dissolved.

    • This is much different from the tedious “nit picking” you will do with other treatments. This step is just insuring that all lice and nits are removed from the hair
    • The conditioner acts like a head lice lotion allowing the comb to easily glide through your hair

There are some treatments that are simply a head lice lotion used to make “nit picking” easier. Our conditioner is a head lice lotion times 100. The natural enzymes and botanicals act as a one two punch hitting lice in your scalp a second time to make sure every last lice and nit is washed out. Success will be obtained after the first application.

    • Natural ingredients
    • Safe for every day use
    • Helps repel lice
    • Natural head lice lotion eases removal of stubborn nits
    • Guaranteed
    • Dr. Recommended
    • Pesticide free
    • Non-toxic

Clearlice conditioner is Doctor recommended and really works. It has a great natural light scent and is easily applied and rinses out just as easily.

There is no need to use pesticides and poisons to treat lice on your scalp any more. It is dangerous and “super lice” are resistant to it. Clearlice natural products are the best and most effective products in the world.

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Clearlice is an all natural Head Lice Treatment that destroys head lice and nits on contact. Order yours today and end your lice nightmare!

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