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San Diego Acupuncture


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Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice developed thousands of years ago that originated in China and spread throughout Eastern Asia. The practice has evolved into modern and complementary medicine that aims to restore and maintain health by inserting thin, solid, metallic needles just beneath the surface of the body stimulated by hand or by an electric current. These specific points are referred to as acupoints.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a pre-scientific paradigm that involves a concept which has no counterpart within contemporary medicine. It is believed that the body as a whole is seen as a delicate balance between two inseparable, complementary yet opposing forces: the yin and the yang. Wherein, yin represents the cold and passive aspects while the yang represents the hot and active aspects of a person.

Health is the state of balance between two forces and is determined by the balanced flow of “Qi” or “Chi” or what is known as “vital energy” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Vital energy is the life force that regulates a person’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. Disease is due to the internal imbalance of yin and yang that hampers one’s overall health. This leads to the blockage of Qi’s flow circulating through the blood stream through fourteen energy ducts called meridians. Each of these channels is linked to an internal organ system. There are over a thousand acupoints within the meridian system that can be stimulated by inserting special needles to unblock the flow of Qi and restore health.

In theory, inserting needles on acupoints helps correct the flow of energy within the body and relieves pain and restores health. There are relatively few reported complications from the use of this method. However, it must be done by a qualified practitioner to avoid serious side effects.

Today there are over three million practitioners worldwide of which the majority practice in the East; however, the number of people studying this practice in the West is steadily rising. The practice is recognized around the globe and is widely practiced by thousands of physicians, dentists, acupuncturists and other practitioners in the United States most especially in San Diego acupuncture to relieve pain and for therapeutic purposes.

It is a misconception that it can only be helpful in specific conditions. Aside from relief of pain, it can be a very effective cure to diseases and conditions like migraine, anxiety, depression, acne, psoriasis, boils, pain after surgery, hay fever, rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, eczema, sports injury, stomach ulcers, obesity, high blood pressure, infertility, impotence to mention a few through its power to stimulate the mind’s and body’s own healing response when applied properly. San Diego acupuncture is as popular as ever.

This article was written by Kristina Lo, and it was prepared for Chang Acupuncture. Trust only the best! Chang Acupuncture and Associates, Inc. has been recognized as one of the “Best Acupuncture Clinics” for three years in a row in recognition to their dedication in helping people achieve their health goals. Located at 7969 Engineer Road, Suite 209, San Diego, California the clinic is open 7 days a week with evening hours. Health is wealth, hire qualified practitioners only! For more information, look for Julie Chang at 858-495-0771 ( ). Stop by today to find out more about San Diego acupuncture .


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