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Drug Abuse in its Biggest Forms


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Alcohol and nicotine in cigarettes are considered drugs, so if an individual engages himself in one or both of these habits, he is called a drug abuser. It is right in its own way because that is how these two substances work in the human body system. Nowadays, these practices have become accepted in our society. Alcohol has come to be more accepted than tobacco cigarettes these days, as both these substances are viewed as ‘not that bad’ by people. This is ironic as well as interesting, because these two substances almost certainly account for more diseases and deaths than any other drug in the whole world. But the fact remains that big tobacco companies make tons of money by marketing these drugs. We all are just ignoring this ugly little fact.

One of the side effects of habitually using tobacco and alcohol is that they completely distort a person’s thought pattern. It is sad and ironic that people never quite grasp this fact even though it is so blatantly obvious. Of course these substances distort one’s thinking; but that is the reason we all engage in such kind of activities- to escape from our thinking patterns or reality, for at least some time. According to Lao Tzu, ’ He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough’. That is a very moving observation, because people drink as if enough was never enough. The same applies to cigarette smoking. People always long for another one. And at the end of the day, that is what all these tobacco companies want from their consumers. And, people keep buying their harmful products.

The main thing is that alcohol and tobacco are, without question, the substances that are the most abused, and in an extensive fashion in our country. And until a user break the cycle of using these substances or products, he cannot fully understand this clear and obvious fact. People, in general, keep on thinking that heroine, crack and things like that are the real" hard drugs when, in reality, tobacco cigarettes and alcohol are just as bad or even worse than them. These deleterious substances take the lives of more and more people and continue to destroy more families. This obvious little fact is worth giving a thought to, because this happens to be the truth.

The smoking ban has resulted in bringing down the frequency of a quitter being reminded of smoke induced by the nicotine receptors in the human brain. As with electronic smoke eaters in restaurants and hotels, if they are not maintained properly, the effectiveness will drop off considerably, eventually. This, in other words, means that these tools would stop working in the right way. Grounded on the aspects of poor maintenance and bad performance, the hospitality industry sent out the wrong impression that tools like smoke eaters do not work well in our system. As a consequence, these people stopped trying to solve the hitch altogether. If more and more businesses had tried for a workable solution, they could have accomplished a really good mission.

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Drug Abuse and Society
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