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Beyond the material world

Jeff Brendan

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Happiness is an emotional state in which an individual or a population is feeling content, joyful and has no regret or feelings of guilt.

There is a false myth perpetuated that those high above in the social class structure and who have all the materials wealth are supposedly happier. Even the attainment of self actualization which is the highest level of achievement according to Maslow’s law, is assumed to be in the order of hierarchy after the realization of material wealth.

This is not always true as shown by the lives of many people who are filthy rich and yet they are chronically sad. This simply implies that true happiness does not reside in the satisfaction from the material things.

Many of brain experts like Mr Ilchi Lee writes mterials things such as a beautiful car, a dream home or a beautiful spouse have only the ability to provide pleasure. Pleasure is often generated by an external stimuli and it does not reside in the inner being of a person. The satisfaction it provides is only limited to the physical and not the emotional being. The things or events that bring satisfaction and happiness are however not driven by the external stimuli and instead are driven by internal factors.

Such limitation in achieving happiness from pleasure driven from material things is one that explains the human being as not a physical being. A human being is made of body, mind and soul. Therefore whatever would bring complete contentment and happiness should be able to fulfill these three elements of a human being.

Fulfilling the desires of the flesh or the body is rather easy as it depends on the material or physical world. Therefore such things as sex, food, shelter and clothing would satisfactorily meet the needs of the flesh.

The mind or brain on the other hand is satisfied by the emotive factors such as love, appreciation, self esteem drawn from knowledge that people have confidence in the individual. According to Ilchi Lee Brain Educator this has much to do with the social relationships. Inadequate provision of any of these emotive services may lead to poor personality. Impact from childhood would be felt in adulthood.

The most complex of the elements of human being is the soul or spirit. The satisfaction of the soul or spirit is not dependent on the satisfaction of the body or mind. This means that the soul would not necessarily be appeased by the materials things or emotions. The soul of every man will always yearn for connections to the supernatural being.

This is eastern cultures such as meditation has the power to provide real contentment. Through meditation, the individual has opportunity for soul searching and cleansing. This is the true source of happiness.


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