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My Interpretation of Healing Through Zeropoint Quantum Physics


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Zeropointglobal claims to protect the body from environmental pollution and electronic devices, which can compromise the body's immune system and cause physical challenges. The technology sets up a protective field for the body to return to balance physically and emotionally so it can heal itself. The technology is based on Quantum Physics.

As a non-scientist, I relate to the ZP technology from a feeling perspective. From the moment I first experienced ZP, I was in a home with two beautiful white fluffy dogs that appeared under hypnosis by the frequency of the ZP products. They lay blissful beside the large frequency disk. That was my first impression. As the demonstrations and the lecture explaining the science continued to unfold, I found myself bathing in the frequency of serenity that permeated the room. In the beginning, I was not impressed by what I saw. It was what I felt that convinced me.

The first week that I used my laser on food and drink, I found that my frequency elevated to a sensation of floating on a cloud. I took a week to remain in a state of beingness and surrender. I noticed my intuition expanding. The laser is my most powerful instrument and keeps my frequency to a level of focus, clarity, and peace. The pendent reinforces the feeling and keeps me centered. Many people do not feel what I feel, but I needed to adjust to the technology slowly.

I noticed that food in the refrigerator lasted much longer. Organic lettuce three weeks old is still as crisp as the day I bought it. Bananas ripen from the inside on the large frequency disk or plate.

After about two weeks of floating, I started to explore the balance phenomena of the demonstrations. My brother has been in a wheelchair for about a year and I was concerned about him falling as he practices standing unassisted. My mother is ninety and I am concerned about her stability. During a visit to my daughter I encouraged my mother to try the pendent to prevent falling. She refused. She actually fell down one step. Thankfully she didn't hurt herself too badly. I used the laser and coaster on her bruises and she now agrees to wear the pendent to prevent falls.

I started doing the “Toy Soldier" balance test and the range of motion test on big tall men. I could knock them off balance and they would stabilize with the pendent. I was on the beach and a few people had ingested several beers. They were unsteady on the sand with the balance test and fully stable using the technology.

Once again as a non-scientist, I have been exploring the hows and whys. I have listened to Dan Clausing, who developed the technology based on Quantum Physics. I like the simple explanation of an antenna that attracts a protective field around the body allowing for physical and emotional balance and protecting the body from toxicity. I have cut my finger, lasered it and the cut healed quickly with almost no blood. It appeared as though the light held the wound together.

A friend had a black and blue mark, lasered and it faded quickly. My grandson's insect bites no longer itch after a minute with the laser. Calmness is the biggest testimonial I get from people as well as better sleep. I'm not sure I understand the hows and whys, but I really don't understand how electricity, computers or telephones work. I just experience and benefit from them. I am intrigued by the simplicity of the zeropoint experience.

Donna Forman is a hypnotist, Reiki Master, Long Term Care insurance agent and independent wellness consultant for zeropointglobal technology. For further information check out


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Quantum Physics and the Matrix
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