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Essential Oils How Did We Come to Split Ourselves Into Body and Mind?

Linda Lee Smith

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To be brief, it was the Greeks who separated the body from the mind or spirit. This was when we abandoned “magical medicine" in favor of “scientific materialism. " Aromatics with their connection to the magical approach to healing were actually regarded at this time as valuable tools of transformation. But as patriarchy took over and intuitive knowledge was put aside in favor of rational logic, their use began to wane. Fragrances offered a direct doorway through to the feminine part of the mind (right brain) which had little role in the developing new medical model and scientific approach.

To be fair, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recognized a connection between mental and physical diseases when he wrote:

"In order to cure the human body it is necessary to have knowledge of the whole. "

He prescribed aromatics which of course were the medicines of their day. Disease he felt came from natural causes which could be located in the physical body.

The Greeks liberally used aromatics to care for the body-basic hygiene, clearing polluted air, for soothing or stimulating properties, and for lifting the mind and heart. Of course the Romans had to best the Greeks in all things and they lavishing used great quantities of aromatics both for pleasure and for the effect they had on the mind and spirit.

The early Christian era liberally used fragrant oils for healing but by the third century associated these fragrances with the pagans who also used aromatics. Great Christian thinkers like Augustine were greatly influenced by Greek thought which separated us into body and mind (spirit). They were connected somehow but they weren't sure how. The body would eventually return to the dust of the earth while only the spirit ascended into heaven (the next life). Can you see where this kind of thinking leads? Why attempt to heal the body when it is considered full of base or natural instincts? Perfumes and incense stimulated the senses and could heighten sensual pleasure-something obviously rejected by the Church in that day.

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From Linda L. Smith, director of the Institute of Spiritual Ministry and Aromatherapy, Inc.


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