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Music Therapy Research Breakthroughs


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In the aim to establish more concrete evidences that music therapy can be part of any treatment approach or technique, research was conducted to take a closer look on the positive reactions that patients exhibit when expose to it. Music therapy has always been associated to be useful in many sicknesses and concerns related to all aspects of living. It was determined that music therapy has all the entitlement to be given credit as a sensible element of health care management.

The research carried out covers different health care fields demonstrated a clear picture of the direct results of music therapy in the relief of many hard to treat problems. These patients responded positively and have shown remarkable improvements in their conditions.

Alzheimer's disease manifests symptoms including faulty cognitive skills, great alterations in social behavior, and motor skill discrepancies. The research makes available three kinds of music therapy treatments in the hope that they can stimulate cognitive function enhancements. These are musically cued reminiscence, verbally cued reminiscence, and musical activity; music therapy treatments that have been proven to be effective in inducing the memory recollection of persons afflicted with Alzheimer's.

In the evaluation, it was distinguished that musically and verbally cued reminiscence helped in the improvement of specified brain functions. It was recorded that significant increase in language abilities was observed in some patients who have been subjected to the aforementioned musical therapy treatments. However, those who have been opened to the elements of musical activities have shown greater substantial improvements in all the other areas most especially with social behavior concerns. The most effective approach used is by means of using songs that enhances memories and conversation.

The benefits of these methods are more noteworthy in patients afflicted with distressing chronic pain. Music therapy research was carried out to establish a link on how this treatment can alleviate the pain suffered by chronic pain patients.

Based on the chronic pain studies, music therapy can be helpful because the perception of the brain for both music and pain are equal. This means the brain receives sensation on both concerns within the same level. This developed the theory that you can use music therapy at the same time that a person is under bouts of chronic pain; this is because the brain's part that is sensitive to music will react and cancel out the pain throbs, thus decreases the level of pain that is actually felt.

Different medical conditions can benefit from this type of therapy like Parkinson's disease, cancer, and other unending illnesses. Music can also play a great part in lowering the level of pain felt during labor and child delivery, momentary and transitory pains, and other kinds of pain twinges.

Music therapy is also of assistance in the pain management plan and treatment plans for cancer patients. Children suffering from cancer are often subjected to music therapy treatments like singing, which has proven to create remarkable improvement in their immune system. The immune system is always the first to be given enough emphasis so as to prevent the occurrence of other complications.

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The Joy of Music Sound Therapy For Everyday Life
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