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How Can Essential Oils Protect the Subtle Energy Body?

Linda Lee Smith

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Essential oils can affect all layers of our energy body-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They can protect the outer edges of the field by forming a protective shield around us.

What have other cultures used to protect against perceived negative intentions of others or perceived invisible forces?

Cedarwood, pine, juniper, and sage. Juniper has been used not only by many Native American groups but also by Tibetans. Sweetgrass and sage purify one's energies and are thought to attract good “spirits. " Frankincense is used by the Roman, Orthodox, and Anglican Catholic churches as well as by Muslims to expel evil spirits and invite the angels to come in. The ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians all used fragrance to attract good energy and to keep negative or “bad" energy away. They fumigated their homes, temples and places of business on a regular basis. Censors were kept burning in homes to drive away evil and honor the good deities.

In medieval Europe, witches were feared as evil and rituals involving smoldering fragrant herbs or woods were a daily part of life to protect against their “evil eye. " There was also the tradition among many cultures including the Australian aboriginals of aromatically cleansing strangers or guests before allowing them into the village or one's house. Native Americans traditionally smudge the aura to cleanse both the inside and outside of the individual.

White Angelica™ which is a blend of over 20 different aromatic oils is widely known as a protection for the field. This beautiful blend carries a high vibration that can protect the field from energy assaults and negative intentions. It is an excellent oil for the healer to use on themselves prior to doing healing work on an-other.

Using Essential Oils in the Auric Field Brings New Energy to the Field

The auric colors become more vivid and clearer and there is a shift in the density. It literally “lifts" the spirit by raising the person's vibration. What the essential oils do is clear out the “auric debri" (congested energy) thus making way for the field to shift into balance-back into a harmonious whole. We respond to the frequency or vibrational properties of the oils and not just to the oil's chemistry. The human body has a normal vibratory range (electrical frequency) between 62 and 68 megahertz. This is called a state of health. Energy disturbances in the field will actually precede the appearance of disease and illness in the body. When the human frequency range drops below the norm of 62 megahertz, this is when abnormal processes begin to develop.

Healing is the activation of the body's energies toward a dynamic state of equilibrium and balance. We are constantly healing in life towards this state of harmonic health. Our work in healing is to find those combinations that enable the person to move towards a state of harmony and balance-to one of harmonic resonance.

Want to know more about essential oils and how they can help us stay healthy? The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy teaches classes throughout the United States on both aromatherapy and energy (spiritual) healing.

I'd like to invite you to explore our educational offerings. When you go to my site I will have a BONUS GIFT for you-a sample of our work.

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From Linda L. Smith, Director of the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy, a national program in Christian healing.


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