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What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Qigong Practice?


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While teaching Qigong, the following question comes up frequently: “What results can I expect from consistent practice?". There are many answers to this question, but only one really really good answer.

I would be doing you a disservice if I simply listed some of the benefits of practicing Qigong. This would make you goal-oriented, you then automatically be focused on the end result instead of the process of getting there, and you'd be unable to attain that goal. The Daoist Master Zhuangzi addressed this in his poem “The Need to Win":

When an archer is shooting for nothing
He has all his skill.
If he shoots for a brass buckle
He is already nervous.
If he shoots for a prize of gold
He goes blind
Or sees two targets-
He is out of his mind!
His skill has not changed.
But the prize Divides him.
He cares.
He thinks more of winning
Than of shooting
And the need to win
Drains him of power.

The secret is to practice without any attachment to the results you are looking to achieve. If you practice sincerely, patiently and persistently, you will certainly begin to unlock the secrets of the practice. But you can not force this process, or think that if you practice more you necessarily get there quicker. Simply practice with the understanding that many beneficial things will come when we let go and allow our body to return to it's natural balance. There is no forcing or attaining this natural balance, it comes from letting go of all the extra baggage we have.

So, you might be thinking “Well, why would I practice Qigong then if I'm not interested in results?". This question shows the limitations of the Western model of thought. Let's ask this. . . when one dances, is the point just to hurry and get to the end of the song, or is the best part the actual dance throughout the song? Your Qigong practice is the same way - it's not about getting to the end, but rather enjoying the process of getting there.

Absorb this teaching and think about it whenever you can. If you can do this, you are on way way to understanding the true meaning of the practice, and all the benefits of the practice (even ones you never even imagined) will start to become available to you. As this happens, you will understand what I'm saying. But the intellectual mind might have a hard time with this concept, so don't worry - simply, relax and practice and you will experience what I'm talking about.

Alex Race
Sacramento Qigong


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