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Crystal Power For Health and Healing

Donnarae Riddel

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Crystals, stones, rocks, and gems have always been highly regarded for their healing and spiritual properties as well as their beauty. For thousands of years they have been used for adornment of the rich and for their healing aspects. Crystal healing is developing today throughout the world. Many spiritual seekers and healers are exploring new ways to assist us in restoring our balance in our frantic and stressful lives.

Science continues to search for answers to prove what actually occurs during crystal healing. There are those of us who use crystal and gems in our healing practice and see first hand their benefits. We know the Universal Laws of Vibration and the importance of vibrational matter in our healing of physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. Only by trying out a healing system for ourselves are we able to judge its worth. The energy and nature of a gemstone is a Universal energy.

Crystals come from the matter within the earth's crust, forming from extremely high temperatures and pressures. As cooling occurs the atoms begin to arrange themselves into more stable patterns. This creates an effect of building up regular three-dimensional repeating patters of atoms, that are know to scientists as crystal lattices. The outer shape reflects the inner structure. Whenever they are subjected to outside force, crystals are able to adjust and quickly restore their internal stability. This quality makes them valuable for many areas of technology such as in watches, lasers, and regulating devices in engines.

When choosing crystals for your own use or in your healing practice, most are easy to find at a reasonable cost. Small tumbled stones are useful, that are not too heavy when placed on the body nor are too small to get lost easily. Small natural crystals of clear quartz are invaluable. Aspire to gather at least two stones of each spectrum color. 10-12 clear quartz crystals are valuable. Small crystals of amethyst, smoky quartz and citrine are not as common, but well worth adding to your collection. Whether a crystal is perfect and clear or battered and grubby it will have the same internal orderliness and potential for healing and balancing.

Donna Rae Riddel is a teacher, writer dedicated to sharing the Teachings of Abraham, Masters, Angels through written channeled messages. She is a healing practitioner specializing in Reiki and Pranic Healing techniques. Distance healing services and channeling available. Free Weekly Newsletter @ - Email


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The Healing Power of Crystals-Which Ones are YOU Attracted To
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