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Crystals Relieve Aches and Pains

Donnarae Riddel

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Because crystal healing is very relaxing, it is of general benefit to sufferers of more common aches and pains. At some time or other, most of us experience pain from over-stretched muscles, muscle tension from repetitive actions at work, or poor posture while sitting at a desk or while riding in the car. Pain is the bodys warning system that something is wrong and needs your attention. In our western society we often ignore our pain, or mask it temporarily with aspirin or other substances that actually “block" what our body is telling us. When we do not listen and heed the warning further damage often occurs. It is like your house being on fire and you sound the alarm to the fire department. The fire truck and firefighters come to your house, shut off the alarm and leave.

In general, all cool-colored stones will help to calm painful areas and restore a natural flow of energy in the painful area. Blue, indigo and violet hues are good. Copper is well known for its ability to reduce inflammation and swelling, often in the joints from the pain of arthritis. Copper can be worn as a bracelet or use a gemstone with a high concentration of copper in it. Malachite is a soft mineral with copper in it. It is very good at calming pain and a good absorber of negativity and balance. However, it does need regular cleaning to keep its effectiveness.

Lodestone is magnetic iron ore and when a small piece is placed near the base of the skull and another piece at the bottom of the spine, back tensions can be helped as well as stimulating the subtle energies of the spine. Tourmaline is another excellent crystal for structural discomfort. Also known as “schorl" and “verdelite" by keeping a piece near a knotted muscle the pain may be relieved. You may relieve your neck, jaw or head tension by wearing tourmaline earrings, which make elegant pieces of jewelry.

The color of turquoise is able to stimulate the body's immune system and is beneficial on many areas of the body. Turquoise has a very calming energy. Carnelian, a warm color stone, is useful as a powerful healer of the etheric body. Stones such as rose quartz and other pink stones calm aggravated areas, reducing fears that we often experience with injury and pain. Placing pink stones at the solar plexus and sacral chakras calms the mind and relaxes the body.

Always remember that if you are led to choose a stone other than the recommended it is wise to follow that intuition. It is your body telling you what you need; the more you listen and become in touch with yourself, the better you feel and the easier it becomes to listen to You.

Lastly, a simple method to “release back tension is by placing a small, clear quartz crystal on the center of the forehead. As you relax imagine a beam of bright white light passing deep into your head with each inhalation. "

Donna Rae Riddel is a wife, mother, grandmother, author, healer, spirit messenger and angel reader dedicated to her path of higher service. Visit her website for further knowledge at Contact her @


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