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What Diseases Can Practicing Qigong Overcome?


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Qigong, the ancient Chinese healing art, has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The kind of benefits you can expect will depend on how well the art is practiced. In this article, I use the following classification:

  • Low level = practiced as a physical exercise only (form).
  • Middle level = practiced at the level of energy (qi).
  • High level = practiced at the level of mind (shen).

This classification is made for convenience and is general. For example, high level qigong will also involve energy and form. Middle level qigong emphasis's energy, but also involves mind and form. Low level may involve energy and mind, and indeed should in order to remain as a qigong, BUT often it is practiced ONLY at the form level, in which case it is no longer correct to call it qigong.

Expected Benefits

With low level qigong, when only done as a physical exercise, it will only bring benefits that you would normally expect a gentle form of physical exercise to bring. For example, some relaxation, increased blood circulation and muscle loosening.

With middle level qigong, meaning you directly work on your body's energy, you can overcome diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, rheumatism, anxiety, aches and pain. And so on.

Finally, with high level qigong, it will be possible to overcome so-called incurable diseases, such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

There is plenty of medical explanation for how qigong works. A link is given below to one such document which you may find interesting.

In short, according to Chinese medical philosophy, illness occurs when there is not enough vital energy to work the natural bodily systems. The flow of vital energy within the body can become restricted. This is one cause. By enhancing the flow of energy in the body, you can clear “blockages" to the energy channels, and once again promote whole body health.

About the Author:

Jordan Francis is an instructor for the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. His teacher is the Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. You can learn more at Jordan's web site by visiting . To learn how qigong (chi kung) works, you can find a good report at


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