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Magnetic Therapy Jewelry Works Like Magic


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In today's busy world, many people suffer from regular bouts of stress and body pain. It's understandable. After all, we do spend hours sitting in front of our computers. Some of us even spend the entire day standing or walking.

Magnetic therapy is a practice that is now gaining popularity. This therapy aims to use magnets for relief of muscle aches and pains. But before you dismiss magnetic therapy as just another fad, you should know that this practice has been around for centuries. Not only that, magnetic therapy has been studied a lot and the results are very positive.

What is magnetic therapy, anyway?

Magnetic therapy obviously employs the use of magnetic force. This force is actually really present in our lives, as exemplified in the magnetic field of the Earth's North and South poles. When harnessed properly, this magnetic force can be used to improve the condition of injured areas in the body.

More specifically, when our cells receive some form of injury, a positive electrical charge is released. Consequently, this charge alters the body's existing chemical and electrical balance. This imbalance contributes to our feelings of pain. Of course, the body's natural reaction is to counteract the damage by sending negative electrical charges to the site of injury. The negative will counter the positive charge thus, helping the cells heal better.

A negative magnetic field can supply this electric charge that's needed to initiate healing. By using a magnet with negative polarity, the blood flow will improve and the oxygen supply will be efficiently delivered to the organs. Since the blood flow is improved, the injured tissue gets the materials it needs. This will make the pain and inflammation subside faster.

So, magnetic therapy is well and good. The problem now is how do you keep a magnet on that injured site? It won't be practical to just hold the magnet in place. Taping the magnet to your skin isn't the best idea, either. The key is magnetic therapy Jewelry.

Magnetic therapy Jewelry is a fashionable way of conducting magnetic therapy. You would be able to sport stylish pieces of Jewelry and at the same time, you can keep the magnet close to the area of injury. Don't think that this concept is new either. In fact, there are records that told of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt wearing a magnet on her forehead, both as an ornament and as a way of keeping herself youthful.

So, why don't you follow in the footsteps of the beautiful Queen Cleopatra and use magnets for your well-being? If your ankle feels sore, try wearing a magnetic Jewelry in the form of an anklet. The anklet will adorn your feet and enhance your footwear. Meanwhile, the magnet can keep working on healing your sore ankle.

Aside from simple muscle pains, magnetic therapy Jewelry is believed to be effective for people who are suffering from conditions related to their spine. This includes osteoporosis, ruptured disks, and other bone injuries. Also, magnetic therapy Jewelry is perfect for athletes who put a lot of strain on their muscles. Magnetic therapy Jewelry is also perfect for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, arthritis and other conditions.

Magnetic therapy Jewelry isn't just about calming your sore muscles. In fact, if you use magnets with positive polarity, they can help stimulate your body. So, if you're feeling a bit sluggish or tired, put on a magnetic therapy necklace and your body will be activated and ready for the day ahead.

Penny Chisholm is a co-founder in Isis Jewellery Box , a UK based online store specialising in versatile and affordable magnetic therapy jewellery.


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