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EFT Practitioners Want to Grow Your Business and Reach Your Core Issues at the Same Time?


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EFT Practitioners and fans of Emotional Freedom Technique: I have a confession to make.

It's been way too long since I've picked up the phone and called a certain someone who has been a tremendous help and support to me.

No, it's not my mother.

Nope, not my dad either.

It's my EFT Practitioner.

Over the past couple months, the evidence that I needed EFT sessions was very clear.

My back was bothering me, I was feeling pressured in my businesses and my romantic and social life was begging for some needed attention.

I heard all the familiar logical reasons of why not to pick up the phone and schedule an EFT session for myself.

"You've added expenses this month in your business, why don't you wait"

"Will it really make a difference?"

"Can my EFT Practitioner get to the core issues (which in EFT-speak is the holy grail) that are holding me back?"

Looking back, I'm not sure what the actual straw was that broke the camel's back and pushed me to send out an “SOS" email to my EFT Practitioner and sign up for a series of sessions.

All I know is I finally did.

And I'm glad.

Not only did my body release the nagging upper body tension, I also felt relieved of the pressure I was feeling in my businesses and had the energy to focus on my romantic life.

But something else happened.

My business increased.

People have been approaching me for joint ventures. I've noticed more inquiries for EFT sessions, suggestions are coming in for products that my clients want to buy and I have more energy and enthusiasm not only for my individual clients but my business as a whole.

My clients also are doing extremely well, moving forward in leaps and bounds towards their goals and I now have energy and space to bring on more clients.

Was it the tapping I did with my skilled EFT Practitioner for those three sessions over the course of three weeks that instigated these shifts? Or is that a sheer coincidence?

You know where I'm going with all this.

Yes, I do feel that getting treatment with an EFT Practitioner for my own issues and addressing the areas that were being swept under the carpet did have an impact on my business very directly.

While I could launch into many reasons why this phenomena happens, I want to focus on just three reasons that getting EFT sessions will build your business:

1. The Healer is Getting Healed
I find that practitioners are often in ‘I'm the Healer Mode. ’ They are caring for others and they themselves are desperately needing care and healing. Whether your issue is unresolved grief from a family member passing, past negative memories and traumas that haven't been cleared or even an unfulfilled goal such as writing a book, these are parts of yourself that are desiring to be healed and expressed. When you decide (as it is a decision) to get assistance from a professional, it's as if you are giving yourself permission to be the patient and receive the care you deserve.

2. Increased Energy for Your Business and Clients
When we do address the concerns that have been dormant, an incredible amount of energy, creativity and focus is freed up. I've witnessed this in my clients as well as in myself. The big project you've been putting off is somehow not so daunting. A resource that had seem to elude you for months suddenly appears. Ideas for new ways to market your business pop into your mind. And as our energy sends out a vibration, our prospects and clients sense this shift in your energy. Trust me, the phone starts to ring when previously you wondered if it was broken!

3. More Joy, Now!
Many a time have I been inspired after my EFT sessions from the techniques, phrases and approach my EFT Practitioner uses in our sessions. I weave these into my sessions with my clients. This brings freshness and variety to our work. The result? You look forward to each and every EFT session with your patients. And they feel it. Everyone wants to work with someone whose not only dedicated to what they do, but excited and passionate for their craft as well.

These are only three reasons of how getting EFT sessions for yourself boosts your business and private practice. I'm sure we can come up with dozens of others.

Whether you are an EFT Practitioner or someone who tends to treat yourself with EFT, chances are there's an area (or two!) in your life that's less than ideal and desiring healing, growth and attention.

Reach out to one of the many skilled, wonderful EFT Practitioners that are in practice and get the assistance and support you deserve to have.

And see your business grow!

AnaMaria Herrera, EFT Practitioner, also known as “Agent EFT" specializes in assisting her clients reach their personal and professional goals with greater ease using EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. She is the creator of the got EFT?(tm) Series of educational products teaching Emotional Freedom Technique to laypersons and EFT Practitioners. Check out her free e-course: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made with EFT:


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