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Essential Oils - 7 Ways to Create a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit Through Essential Oil Recipes

Linda Lee Smith

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Good essential oil recipes or essential oil blends can heal the physical body and bring wholeness and health to body, mind and spirit. What constitutes an “essential oil recipe?" In aromatherapy, when we create a recipe we are actually blending various oils together for a particular purpose. All essential oils have the power to affect us emotionally and spiritually but only those that are right for the individual at this particular juncture in their healing process will possess the subtle potential to assist in transformation.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils contain hundreds and sometimes thousands of different compounds. Each plant is unique and therefore its life blood-the essential oil-will also be unique. We find hydrocarbons (the terpenes) and oxygenated compounds like phenols, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, oxides, and many more. This life blood of the plant carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the plant and it is what protects the living plant from invading organisms. When we use therapeutic grade essential oils from a living plant on the human body we need to know the unique properties of the oils. Some can help heal wounds, protect against invading organisms, balance hormones, lift one's spirit, balance emotions, relieve the pain of sore muscles or quiet a hacking cough. Regardless if your purpose is to create a blend for the physical body-you will also be affecting the emotions and psyche as well.

Why Blend Several Oils Together?

Blending two or more essential oils together can create a synergistic whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. The various compounds can have a mutually enhancing effect upon one another. When blended oils work harmoniously together, they create a synergy and a balance.

Here are 7 ways to help create a healthy body/mind/spirit through essential oil recipes.

1. Tap into your knowledge, experience and intuition. A blend for one client may not work at all for the exact same purpose with another client. Taylor your blend specifically for a client's symptoms and the underlying problems and don't forget their emotional and psychological needs.

2. Blend no more than 3-4 oils at a time in the beginning until you've gained some experience.

3. Read about the properties of each oil first and decide if they complement each other. In other words-don't blend oils that have opposite effects on the body/mind/spirit.

4. Make sure the fragrance is one that is pleasing to the person you are making the blend for. If not-do you think they will use it?

5. Decide the theme of your blend and don't invite too many “stars" or “celebrities" to your blend until you know which molecules get along with each other.

6. The more physical the problem you are addressing-the less important the fragrance of the blend. Blends for emotional problems however need to be as pleasant as possible.

7. Oils of the same plant family will tend to harmonize well with each other. For instance, the citrus oils will blend well with each other and enhance the desired effect. Most floral oils will blend well with each other as well as the woods, balsams, and spices.

Want to know more about creating synergistic blends? The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy teaches classes throughout the United States on both aromatherapy and energy (spiritual) healing.

I'd like to invite you to explore our educational offerings. When you go to my site I will have a BONUS GIFT for you-a sample of our work.

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From Linda L. Smith, Director of the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy, a national program in Christian healing.


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