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Essential Oils - How Can Therapeutic Oils Assist With Emotional Releasing?

Linda Lee Smith

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Clearing emotional patterns with essential oils is a very gentle pricess and can take time. Essential oils as we have seen are made up of thousands of different compounds. When an oil is inhaled or rubbed on the body or taken internally, the molecules of these compounds carry coded information that can be translated by cellular DNA -this can be therapeutically beneficial for body, mind, and spirit.

These compounds each have an affinity for certain cells of the human body-some gravitate to muscle cells, other to nerves, and some to digestive and still others to the heart and lungs. They bring beneficial results including the removal of toxins and the opening of emotionally stored memory in the DNA. The molecules of essential oils act like enzymes, hormones, vitamins and ligands which are amino acid chains that form a communication system between cells.

Each cell has thousands of receptor sites each de-signed to accept only certain types of ligands and reject the rest. Ligands are like keys that fit only certain locks. So if essential oils are like ligands, they possess the right key to open the cells with matching receptor sites. They carry information that is pertinent only to the cells with the receptor sites able to accept that specific ligand.

This is why certain oils are helpful for muscles and others are not. Why some oils are antiviral and some are not. Why certain oils are good for digestion while others are good for the lungs.

Essential oils also directly stimulate the limbic system or emotional brain

The nose is wired in such a way that it connects directly with the limbic brain and its messages do not have to go through the reasoning cortex first. Therefore one's response to an aroma is going to be emotional before it can be rational.

Want to know more about essential oils and how they can help us stay healthy? Consider becoming a certified clinical aromatherapist. The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy teaches classes throughout the United States on aromatherapy and energy healing.


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From Linda L. Smith, director of the Institute of Spiritual Ministry and Aromatherapy, Inc.


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Essential Oils - What Oils Are Helpful For Destructive States of Mind?
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