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Stress Relief For Free

Linda Lin

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What can you do to relieve stress? Everyone makes their own choices. You need to see what all of your possibilities are and then make the best choice for your circumstance and life. Today I write this article to share ideas, and see if any of these ideas bring new ideas to you when you are considering taking an action to relieve normal everyday stress and high-stress situations.

There are many kinds of stress. You have the everyday stress that comes from little things like waiting a long time in line at the post office during holiday time. Now that might seem major to you if you are the one waiting in line, but in perspective, it is minor compared to other life events that bring super stress. (A major event might be a death in the family or a car accident making injuries to people or even falling off a cliff - those are major stresses in your life if you experience those kinds of things).

So there is minor stress and then there is the major stress of the serious accidents and life events. You can find different ways to relieve that stress. Some opt for what they consider quick stress relief by drinking alcohol or taking drugs. These might bring temporarily stress relief but as time passes both of these actions backfire on your body and on your life. You need to think more clearly especially when you are stressed and doing those actions of drinking or drugging, does not help you to think clearly. Others do the fear response of running or avoiding. Again these two types of stress relief are temporary and just like drugging and drinking, these actions often backfire on your life.

So where does the average human being go to relieve stress, and where do they go or what do they do to have that stress relieve without the power of the negative backfire on their bodies or spirits? The answer is simple. To have good stress relief, you just need to find something (legal and not habit forming) to make you smile, to put your spirits in a lighter mood. So what makes you happy on a small scale or large scale? Whatever you answered to that question -might be the answer to your stress relief question.

Does swimming make you happy? If that is so, then go swimming when stressed. Swim in a safe environment when you are stressed. Try a friend's or a public indoor pool. Save the ocean swimming for when you are more relaxed. If music makes you smile, then listen to the music that puts your spirits in a happy space. Does cooking make you happy? Wow, what a wonderful stress-relief plan. You can be happy while you cook and happy again when you eat your kitchen masterpiece. Whatever it is that makes you smile, use that and do that when you are stressed out. All you need to do is smile for temporary stress relief.

SWIMMING: Try to swim at the YMCA or at some of the public pools. In most larger cities in the USA, you will find that most public pools are open all summer. If you have no access to a public pool at the time you are stressed, know that the water is really healing. So bring yourself into the bathroom, run a nice hot tub for yourself and light some wonderful candles and listen to music. That will definitely help you lose the stress attitude.

MUSIC: You can go to the bookstores that have free headphones. (Put the headphones on and listen to all the latest music. Or listen at home. If you have a car, go take a long ride out to the country and put a smooth-listening station on. Also, think about preparing ahead of time for your stressful periods. Buy some special cds so that you can keep them in the car and listen to them when you need to hear great music. Buy yourself an MP3 player. You can use that in the trains or subway system when you cannot connect with the radio station underground. Music has relieved stress all the way back in history. Music does wonders to improve our personality, our spirits and even our ability to survive tragedy. Remember during the holocaust, there were violin players who would play the music throughout the concentration camps. The music did not improve their situations but it did permit some to feel better about where they were. And, some of those who felt better about their situation due to music survived because they had strong spirits. Music is one of those things that can bring your spirit up and relieve lots of stress. So try music.

COOKING: Wow. This stress-reliever can help in more than one way. You can have a cooking party or an anything party. Invite some friends over and ask them each to bring their favorite dish or drink or snack. Then cook your favorite dish. You will feel better. If you do not feel like having company, you can cook some meals and donate the meals to a homeless shelter or a women's shelter. Still better yet, cook some food and bring it to a neighbors or relatives home. Find out where your new neighbors are that just moved into the area, and treat them to some home-cooked cookies or cakes. You can be friendly; meet new people and at the same time relieve your own stress. Write to us and let us know your ways to relieve stress and we would love to hear your comments on this article.

YOGA: I have found that besides relieving stress, yoga helps with breathing. I didn't know this before I began a beginner's course on yoga. I took the course right in my own home in front of my own television. One day I went to the library and rented (for free) a cd about yoga. I took fifteen minutes a day to do yoga. In a week or two I noticed that my breathing was better and I felt so much more relaxed than before yoga.

WHIRLPOOL: If you are fortunate enough to have one of these, jump in! If you are not fortunate enough, find one. You can find these at gyms and you can find them at the public swimming pools (some have them and some do not). Yes, it's true, there is one (that we know of) swimming pool that is open to the public for a small fee, and you also have the use of the sauna and the whirlpool. You will come out of there feeling heavenly. I found this to be the best stress relief yet. Of course, I can't do that often but it is a great treat for a once or twice a year holiday or vacation.

JOGGING AND WALKING: These are two of the least expensive stress-relievers. Try both or one and you will find that you are more active. You will feel more relaxed during the day, and you can even save money on transportation once you begin jogging. One of the malls in New York has a morning walking club. Check with your local malls to see if there is a program where people exercise together in the mornings or evenings.

Remember to always check with your doctors if you begin any exercise program. Be healthy and stay healthy. Take all necessary precautions when beginning any kind of new programs in your life.

The author is a creative writer of non-fiction and fiction. She brings all sorts of ideas to you, along with research and information about hundreds of topics that affect all of us in our ordinary and extra-ordinary lives. You are invited to write to me with your comments. I hope that my articles bring joy, health, and great feelings into your life.


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