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How Reiki Differs From Other Forms of Energy Healing

Laura Bruno

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Reiki, as “universal life force energy, " is accessible to some degree by everyone and everything. In this sense, many people use a little Reiki without realizing it!

Two main differences exist between Reiki and other forms of energy work, and they are related.

The first difference is that Reiki requires its practitioners receive an “attunement" by a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Breaking down the word, an attunement “tunes" the practitioner to Reiki energy. As in acupuncture and yoga, Reiki, and particularly a Reiki attunement, concerns itself with opening one's meridians and chakras to their natural state of flow. People might experience this process as “relaxing, " “hot, " “lots of colored lights, " “a blissful experience, " “a sense of childlike wonder, " or “the breath of God. " There's no right or wrong experience.

During the attunement, the Reiki Master Teacher opens the chakras in a practitioner's hands, so that Reiki energy can now flow freely through their hands. People often notice it as a feeling of heat or tingling. From this point on (for life) the practitioner can let Reiki flow through the hands for benefit of self and others.

The second difference between Reiki and other forms of energy work relates to the attunement process. Because the attunement allows practitioners to tap more freely into universal life force energy, Reiki practitioners do not become depleted while providing energy work. This is a major difference, as many forms of energy healing require meditation and breathing exercises in order to “build" a limited quantity of energy.

As a flow of universal energy, Reiki remains unlimited and never tires the practitioner. In fact, because Reiki flows through the practitioner, it actually treats the “healer" as well as the “healee. " I put these words in quotes because Reiki also allows us to step outside the dichotomy of giving versus receiving. At the end of any attunement or session, the Reiki Master says silently, “We are both blessed by this process. "

Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher from Sedona, Arizona. In addition to private coaching and intuitive sessions, she teaches Conscious Eating 101 classes, Intuition workshops and Reiki Certification classes around the country and in beautiful Sedona. For more information on classes, raw food coaching, transitional coaching, animal communication, and letting your gifts shine through your career, please see: or call 928-282-2595.

Laura also authored the long-awaited book If I Only Had a Brain Injury: A TBI Survivor and Life Coach's Guide to Chronic Fatigue, Concussion, Lyme Disease, Migraine or Other “Medical Mystery, " now available at


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