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What Are The Different Types Of Head Injuries?


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Most people have bumped their head once in a while for some reason. But head injuries can vary from producing nothing but a vague bruise to severe injuries that can lead to permanent problems or even death. In short, if you are ever unsure about the nature of a head injury, you should always seek professional medical help as soon as possible.

Depending on the nature of the injury, it is possible that no external damage can be seen. This is therefore not a reliable way of judging how bad an injury is. For example the scalp may be cut or lacerated, producing a lot of blood in the process. But while this particular example would not be pleasant to look at, it may be a lot milder than an injury which has no outward signs visible at all.

If an impact is hard enough it could result in a skull fracture. This in turn could lead to pressure or damage to the brain. Once again if a possible fracture is suspected expert medical care should be sought immediately.

As with any type of head injury however, someone with a skull fracture may not have any immediate symptoms. It is possible that blood or cerebro-spinal fluid could appear from the nose or ears, which is a classic sign that there is an injury which cannot be seen from the outside. Feeling drowsy or confused is another potential sign which should be explored.

Obviously the more severe the accident or head injury is, the more likely it is the person will suffer damage. But even quite mild and seemingly innocuous accidents can result in serious injury to the brain.

The skull protects the brain from many bumps and knocks throughout our lives. But it cannot always prevent damage from occurring – and the skull doesn’t always have to be broken or fractured for this to occur.

Arteries, veins and nerves inside the brain can all be damaged given the right conditions. Both open and closed head trauma can result in this occurring. Closed head trauma may look very innocent but if the brain starts to swell inside the skull as a result of the accident, it is possible that the swelling will cause some significant problems. On some occasions blood clots from the impact can form between the skull and the brain, creating a pressure that must be relieved surgically.

Many people who have been involved in an accident of some kind have been able to put in head injury claims to try and win compensation for their accident. Depending on the circumstances involved, this can give the injured party some financial help at the very time they need it the most.

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