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Simple Ways of Preventing Migraines Without Medical Treatment


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It is not always easy to prevent migraines but anyone who has experienced the excruciating pain and accompanying symptoms will think it well worth trying to do. In order to prevent migraines we need to find the causes for them. Everyone is different and so we need to know what triggers our migraines.

For some people it is the result of stress. We will recognise our own tell-tale signs of tiredness, a little blurred vision, etc. We need to respond to these signs and avoid the event or take steps to lessen its effect e. g. when planning a trip or going to an interview, make sure you have a map or use a Satellite Navigation system so that you know exactly where you are going. At certain times of the month, ladies may need to lessen their commitments, we may need to avoid late nights, plan relaxing events like swimming or saunas - places where we know we can relax and lose our stress.

We can often experience tension without realising we are tense. Many advocate that regular massages as well as regular exercise can help us to relax and even sleep better at night. This can also help us to prevent migraines by ensuring that we get plenty of rest.

Another prevention is to make sure we have regular eye tests. The use of computers as well as overwork can lead to our eyesight changing. Opticians can provide us with glasses so that we don’t suffer from eye-strain.

One other area that can trigger migraines is food allergy. Favourite trigger foods are caffeine ( which is in some soft drinks and coffee flavoured foods), chocolate, and diary foods (especially cheese). By keeping a food diary, we can spot which foods may be triggering our Migraines and either replace them with a substitute (like decaffeinated coffee), or avoid them completely - certainly worth it if it means no more migraines.

Changing our diet to include mostly fresh foods and salads with raw vegetables can help too. By avoiding processed foods we are more in control of what we are eating and may find our bodies feel better for it.

By knowing our bodies and what triggers our migraines we can reduce the impact and may even have some relief from migraines.

Migraines do not have to take over your life. There is hope for sufferers of this debilitating health issue. Howard Jones write on the subject of Migraine Headaches having dealt with the problem first hand.


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