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What Can Be Done at Home For Migraines


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A migraine is not just a bad headache. It is a pain so severe that it makes your whole body feel ill and unable to cope. It is often accompanied by throbbing pain , feeling of nausea, dizziness, an inability to think, sensitivity to light, intolerance of noise, pains in other parts of the body, etc. Faced with such an ailment, it is important to know what can help relieve such attacks or even prevent them happening.


First point of call is usually medication. Although it may not take the headache away, painkillers can ease the pain and make it more bearable. If you are a regular sufferer, you may have prescribed drugs which you take to help make the event more bearable.

Natural Remedies

Some people visit a herbalist, especially if they are hoping to become pregnant since many medicines cannot be taken safely when pregnant. If you are a lady and considering having a family, it is probably worth while finding good holistic methods before becoming pregnant to make sure these options agree with you as well as checking they will not affect an unborn child. Even breast-feeding mothers have to be careful as any medicines they take can pass to a new born baby. One of my mother's remedies was to peel cucumber and put it on her forehead. It was very cooling and soothing - a great hit with children and seemed to have the effect of a plaster on a small wound (a symbol of love, understanding, and a mother's remedy for the pain).

Avoiding Allergies

Some people find food or drink intolerance causes migraines. Many people find that drinking Nettle tea and other herbal options can be very beneficial. These natural drinks can help the body to rid itself of toxic build ups and keep the body from de-hydrating ( a common cause of migraines). It is always a good idea to keep a food and drink diary so that you can spot any migraines that are the result of a reaction to diet. Common reactors are Caffeine, Chocolate, Cheese, and other diary products. Indeed, if you suspect food it might be worthwhile switching to whole foods and avoiding too much processed foods. Food eaten in its natural state as in a salad or home-made vegetable and fruit juices usually helps us to feel more full of energy and keeps our bodies functioning more naturally.

The Quiet Room

Every one who suffers from migraines, needs an area where they can relax and switch off, a haven from stress. When at home this is fairly easy to organise. Make sure the curtains will black out the room, or add a Black-out Blind to go behind the curtain for use when you need it. Arrange things in the room that you know will help you relax. It might be a calming scented candle, an inside running water machine (there are a number of such machines on the market - they can be battery or mains operated). You may have favourite music that you find soothing. Choose those things which help you relax and have them easily available. Lie on the bed and close your eyes. Sleep is always a good idea.

Baths and Massages

Since many migraines are the result of stress, it seem a good idea to de-stress. Few of us realise how uptight we get with every day events and demands on our times. Whether we are in a busy office, rushing around the business world closing deals, or Mums with little ones constantly needing our undivided attention. A good relaxing bath with a hot or cold flannel over the eyes can work wonders. Regular exercising(even brisk walking) and relaxing massages maybe even a sauna) are certainly worthwhile including as part of your lifestyle too.

With a little ingenuity , there are many things we can do at home to ease the pain and shorten the attack if not ward it off altogether. As soon as we know the trigger for a migraine, we have a chance to make life a little more manageable.

Migraines do not have to take over your life. There is hope for sufferers of this debilitating health issue. Howard Jones write on the subject of Migraine Headaches having dealt with the problem first hand.


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Natural Remedies For Migraines
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