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Treatments For Migraines The Main Options


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No one likes being ill because it stops us doing things we want or plan to do. Migraines are fast becoming a big cause of illness in today's fast, modern living. Every one is rushing around trying to earn money, stay ahead in their chosen profession, even just to keep up with one's work load. When such illnesses start to dominate our lives, it is important to consider what treatments or preventions are available to us.

As part of our search for treatments, we must consider causes and medical reasons. Migraines say that something is wrong . This means we have to consider first our health.

Most people start with a visit to the optician as it could be a sign that we need glasses because we are suffering from eyestrain. Next we need to consider what we have been doing lately and keep a food and event diary. This can be very helpful in spotting overuse of a computer, a food or drink allergy, coming into contact with an animal or visiting a particular place. It may be an allergy to the smell of a certain food when cooked even the smell of chocolate. It may be that we are missing sleep or over working or may be just not drinking enough water. We also need to see our Doctor as we need to make sure there is not a medical cause for our headaches.

Once we have eliminated any medical causes, we will need to consider how we are going to deal with these migraines. There are a number of medicinal remedies available and our doctor may well prescribe something to use when the pain gets really bad. However there are also a number of more natural steps we can take to help cope with migraines.

First of all we need to look at how we can best cope with an attack. We may need to consider making an area of our home if not an actual room into a place where we can go to rest and relax. Migraines leave us in great pain, unable to think, feeling nauseous and even dizzy. We need a quiet room where we can draw curtains and lie down to rest. It may be a cold or hot flannel on our head, or strips of cucumber skin over our eyes - whatever it takes to help us relax and rest until the attack abates.

The next step is to look at what causes or triggers our attacks. This is when the event and food and drink diaries can help. It may also be that other members of our family are prone to migraines and you can chat it through to see if there is a common cause since Migraines can run in families. Knowing the triggers may well mean we can prevent the attacks or at least minimize them by dealing with the triggers themselves - avoid that animal or particular food, etc.

Finally, there are herbal other natural remedies. Many people switch to herbal teas which are good at keeping the body hydrated. Others avoid processed foods and eat food they have cooked or even salads and juices they have prepared, thus avoiding additives that may be causing problems. There is also the need to de-stress. For this you can't beat a really good massage and including it as part of your regular lifestyle may serve to show you how stressed everyday living can make you. Maybe regular visits to the gym and sauna will help to keep you focussed on the four main parts to life - work, rest, and play with family, friends, and work colleagues in the right proportions.

Migraines do not have to take over your life. There is hope for sufferers of this debilitating health issue. Howard Jones write on the subject of Migraine Headaches having dealt with the problem first hand.


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