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3 Flickering Causes of Migraines That Get Overlooked


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The causes of migraines is a difficult area because there are so many possible causes. Each person is different and has different migraine triggers. There is one area that has been increasingly recognised as a common cause of migraine headaches and that is flickering lights and screens.

There are flickering light sources all around us but they are not always obvious to the naked eye.

Flickering Cause 1 - Computer Monitors and Televisions
These monitors and televisions do not appear to flicker but in fact they do. The frequency of the flickering is an important aspect of the monitors as it has been shown that the lower the lower the frequency the more likely that it will cause a migraine. The more modern the monitor or television is the higher the frequency and so the less likely that this will be a cause. The LCD screens certainly are a great improvement.

Flickering Cause 2 - Fluorescent Lighting
In a similar way fluorescent lighting flickers and can cause migraines. Most lighting in offices and shops is fluorescent and this causes daily problems for migraine sufferers who cannot escape from these lights. Very often the only way to stop the headaches is to go to a darkened room and rest.

Flickering Cause 3 - Tree Lined Avenues
This first came to my attention when I was in france and drove along a long road that had trees along both sides. After a mile or so the sun shining through the trees really began to affect me and started the first symptoms of a migraine. I also know that this can be a problem if you have epilepsy. I had never considered the possible effects of these tree lined avenues. Now I am aware of it I can take greater care

Migraines do not have to take over your life. There is hope for sufferers of this debilitating health issue. Howard Jones write on the subject of Migraine Headaches having dealt with the problem first hand.


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