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Quick Help For Migraine Headaches Without Harmful Drugs


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It is well known fact how devastating migraine headaches can be. Some people get it very frequently while others have rare occurrences once in a year or so. Although there is no one-stop surefire method to cure migraine headache, there are a few steps that can be taken that can help you ease the pain while it occurs.

It is best to avoid migraine in first place if you have identified your migraine triggers. Migraines are sometimes triggered by certain factors like stress, lack of sleep, etc. Diet can also be a trigger at times. Some foods are known to trigger migraines. It is important to identify your trigger so that it can be avoided in future.

Once the migraine episode does occur do not panic. Look for a quiet place and try to relax as much as possible. Some of the things you can do are:

1. Breathing Exercise:
Breathing regulates the inflow of blood and hence the oxygen supply to the brain and head region. Breathe slowly and deep so that it relaxes you.

2. Head Massage:
Gently massage your forehead with your fingers. Massage the acupressure points around the eye. It can offer a great relief from pain. Gently apply mild pressure and run your forefinger around the cavity of the eye.

3. Steaming with Essential Oil:
Add a few teaspoons of essential oils of a preferable aroma to hot water in a bowl and take in the steam.

4. Eye/Head Exercises:
Move the head to the left and the right gently and make sure your gaze follows the head movement. Move it to the top and below and again ensure that your eyes follow the head movement.

5. Relaxation Music:
Choose mild instrumental music of your preference and listen to it. Also, guided relaxation tapes with a good music in the background could be used.

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How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Migraine Headaches
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