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Migraine Headache Relief Easy Tips


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It is a well known fact how devastating a migraine headache can be. Although, there is no ‘switch on - disappear’ approach to treat migraines, there are a few home methods that could be tried which could ease out the pain and bring about a relief from the pain. The usual method is to resort to drugs in the form of pain relievers and anti-depressants prescribed by the doctors. This method, though it provides minor relief, it is not the best way to treat your headache as it can have harmful side effects and it can end up creating dependency on the drug, which is even worse in a long term.

Some of the simple techniques listed below could be followed at home to gain a relief from migraines:

Massage of The head:

Massage of the head, neck and shoulder region could help ease out the pain. Touch of a human hand with love and care is very healing and it can help relax the body and mind. Mild aromatic oil could be used. Choose an aroma or flavor that your body is not allergic to.

Effective Breathing:

Slow down your breath and let the breathing become deep and long. This cuts down on the accompanying anxiety and lets you focus on the moment. It also improves the circulation of blood to the head region which greatly improves the headache condition offering good relief.

Hot and Cold Treatment:

Take a towel and dip it in hot water. Gently rub and massage the painful areas with the towel. Keep the temperature of the towel to a level that feels comfortable. Some people prefer Cold water or ice cubes instead of hot water or steam. Find out what works best for you to bring you relief.

Aroma Therapy:

Aroma therapy is gaining popularity these days as a treatment for migraine headaches. It consists of using herbal and essential oils that can be put into air by means of a suitable diffuser. It could also be mixed with water and steamed on the face. It can be coupled with gentle music or guided relaxation music to bring in a gentle relaxing atmosphere to the place offering great relief from the pain.

To gain complete relief from Migraine Headaches, Visit Migraine Headache Treatment You will find various treatment methods to get rid of the pain forever.


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