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Get Back Your Hair With A Perfect FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Angel Watson

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the commonest procedure performed by surgeons today. It is a minimally invasive technique and has a short recovery period. An FUE hair transplant in India can be performed for hair restoration purposes on the scalp or facial improvements. FUE is the only hair technique used for body hair transplantation. In this way, hair can be extracted from the different body parts and implanted in the recipient area like the face or the head. A thorough study of the patient’s head is very crucial to implant the hair in the right angle while observing the hairline.

The donor area and the recipient area

  • The donor area is trimmed days before a hair transplant procedure and depending on the needed hair grafts, the surgeon selects the strongest and best hair follicles for transplantation.
  • The hair follicles are individually harvested using micro punches with the diameter of 0.9mm
  • Small incisions are left behind, but they heal by themselves five days after the surgery
  • No scars are left behind and no mark to detect that one had a hair transplant
  • In the recipient area, the hair in the transplanted grafts shed off or may fall out with the crusts.

What it takes for a perfect FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is more complicated than FUE and requires more aesthetic skills to produce perfection. Highly trained and certified surgeons perform an FUE Hair Transplant in India and also provide better hair treatments.

The hair follicles have to be implanted in the right angle and direction to produce natural results for a patient. This requires artistry and experience and that is why it is advisable that a patient makes a good research before getting a hair transplant

During hair extraction, a robot may be used to reduce the chances of hair wastage and leave no space for mistakes during the procedure.

The advantages of FUE

  • Ø FUE leaves no scars in the donor and as well as the recipient areas since there is no strip removed from the donor area. Only small dots are created in the recipient area
  • Ø It takes a minimum of five days for a person to completely recover since it is a minimally invasive technique.
  • Ø It gives the natural appearance of the hair
  • Ø BIO-FUE can be utilized to increase the quality of the new hair

The disadvantages

It takes more time since grafts are individually harvested and implanted

It may lead to wastage of grafts

In case one has a bigger bald area, it may take two sessions to complete the transplantation procedure


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