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Frizzy pubic hair can be transplanted on scalp after hair transplant?

Angel Watson

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It is common to hear about hair transplant and even about the facial hair restoration but Pubic hair transplant is very new and seems awkward to hear but advanced technologies have even made this possible.

Pubic hair transplant (PHT) can be done in two types

In first type, pubic hair is transplanted from the pubic region to the head for covering the baldness. It is fringe procedure and very rare to be performed but can effectively utilize to restore scalp hair by extracting hair from pubic region. This procedure is done when it becomes impossible to restore hair from other body parts or from scalp and patient need hair transplant badly.

It is procedure taken by women to restore their pubic hair in this procedure hair from body parts like chest, legs, arms or scalp are taken and transplanted in the pubic region. It is generally done when pubic hair stop growing due to excessive shave or due to some health related problem, this is also quite uncommon to be performed but generally female take this transplant as in some regions pubic hair are taken as sign of sexuality.

Why pubic transplant are uncommon?

It is very rare to hear that some have had pubic hair transplant because of many reasons

  • There are other many regions from where hair can be extracted for lifetime transplantation like chest, arm, armpits, beard, and legs so it is quite uncommon for the surgeons to use fizzy pubic hair to restore on scalp.
  • Generally pubic hair have different characteristics than the scalp hairs so it is bit hard to give natural appearance to patient
  • Pubic hair has different color than the scalp hair so that can be easily detected

How pubic hair can lead to successful transplantation on scalp

Although pubic hair has different characteristics and features so it is hard to give natural appearance to patient in case of restoration on bald patches but is the person is completely bald then having exact match is not at all problem then successfully pubic hair can be used for restoration and after shedding one time these hair grow naturally and even adopt the characteristics of native region and grow like scalp hair so look as natural hair.

Even with the advanced techniques hair are extracted from delicate area like pubic with care so that non invasive surgery can be performed even the surgeons transplant then at right angle and at right direction so that they look natural.

Pubic hair transplant also painless procedure and without stitches as local anesthesia have been applied to donor region because extraction even FUE surgery leaves tiny scars on pubic region that get healed within few days.


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