Ways to Communicate With Your Hair Stylist

Lora Davis

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Most women find navigating salon-speak a real minefield; whether they are trying to explain to their hair stylist the exact shade of blonde they want or trying to work out the difference between permanent and demi-permanent colors or maybe just trying to understand what your hair stylist is talking about when she says she wants to give you a graduated or textured cut. Any top hair stylist will tell you that they really enjoy working with clients that well informed whether they are going for a haircut, hair smoothing treatments in San Diego or just about anything else when they come to the hair salon.

Use visuals: If you are going to talk to your hair stylist about a big change, you are better off coming with a picture of exactly what you want. In many cases, your idea of a certain hair length could be quite different from theirs but especially where hair color is involved. Since people see colors differently, when you want a shade of red you had better try to be as specific as you possibly can.

Say what you don’t want: Knowing what you want when you visit top hair salons is important but similarly you ought to be able to say exactly what you don’t want or like; tell your hair stylist whether you hate short layers or warm tones or just about anything else. This is especially important for your first consultation with any hair stylist; they usually use the first few consultations to try and understand you; you want to think of it like a first date.

Avoid fancy lingo: One of the greatest problems reported by even the best hair stylist is the use of fancy lingo and which are most likely used wrongly. There are many misused terms by clients that include thinning, balayage, texturing, toners, brassy, and graduation and beveled. The best way to get what you want from your hair stylist is to use simple language to describe what you want and let your hair stylist understand clearly.

Be realistic: Tell your hair stylist exactly what you want but you must remember that there are things that are done at the best hair salon that you cannot be able to recreate at home the following morning; some of them require a great deal of effort that most people may not have the time and patience to accomplish. The best hair stylist will be able to teach you the few things you can be able to do at home and similarly if you want to get something that is low on maintenance you should ask for the same.

Give your stylist space: As soon as you are sure that your top hair stylist has clearly understood the kind of look that you are looking for, simply sit back and relax and let them ply their trade; that is the reason you went to the salon in the first place. Your hair stylist doesn’t like a client who tries to micromanage the entire service; you must trust that they will do a good job.


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