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a hair transplant in Dubai can be easily done as there are many experts available offering the state of the art hair transplant procedures.

Hair loss is a very common phenomenon that affects just about everyone at some stage in life. Both men and women suffer from it though in case of men, it is a lot more pronounced and obvious. In order to get the hair back and along with them good looks, hair transplant in Dubai is an ideal option. It only takes a few hours of procedure, a few days of extra care and a few months of patience and you get hair back on your scalp. Let’s learn more about the process.


The process starts with planning. Your transplant surgeon will discuss the expectations that you have and the possibilities available for the transplant. The type of surgery to be carried out is also decided in this phase. The surgeon outlines how many grafts will be done and how the hairline will be constructed.

The procedure

The scalp is first numbed down to counter any pain. The follicles are then collected from the donor area, the back and the sides of the scalp. Different methods – Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – may be used based on the exact hair transplant procedure being carried out.

The surgeon will then make incisions into the recipient area with specialized needles where he later places the grafts with the help of micro grafting technique. The finer follicles are placed at the hairline whereas the thicker ones are used in the mid region of the scalp to build volume.

Post-procedure care

Some simple instructions need to be followed in order to ensure that the desired results are had from the surgery.

  • Avoid too much exercise for a few days and do not massage the scalp.
  • Rest more so that you can recover quicker.
  • Make sure that you consume any medications given to you by the doctor.
  • Do not smoke for at least a few weeks to allow the follicles to properly grow.

The result

Within a year or so, you will have your new hair reach full length and you will be able to style them whichever way you like. The transplanted hair does not undergo further loss so you can enjoy the fact that these hairs are here to stay.

For more details about Hair Transplant in Dubai, or to schedule a procedure contact Dubai Hair Club.


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Get Back Your Hair With A Perfect FUE Hair Transplant Procedure
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