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Dealing with hair loss during pregnancy


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When a female is going through pregnancy her body as well as her mind go through lots of different changes. Throughout the pregnancy there are not only lots of physical changes that occur in the womans appearance, there are also mental changes that can occur. One of the most common changes in a womans physical appearance is loss of hair. Therefore hair loss is one problem that a large number of women have to deal with straight after giving birth. Dealing with hair loss issues is not something women want to have to do just after giving birth to a child. Many women get so frustrated trying deal with this loss of hair as well as a new baby they end up just cutting it all off.

Normally your hair goes through three phases. The anagen phase which is the active growth phase of hair follicles and normally takes 2-3 years. The telogen phase which is the resting phase of the hair follicle before it sheds and normally takes about 3 months. The catagen phase which is a short transition stage that occurs between the anagen and the telogen phase and normally takes 2-3 weeks. A person will suffer from hair loss when hairs are forced prematurely into the telogen phase and pregnancy is one thing that can cause this to happen. There are many reasons why pregnancy causes this hair loss to occur.

One of the main reasons for this loss of hair is not only does the female body undergo physical changes while she is pregnant, it can also cause her to go through severe hormonal changes as well (estrogen and progesterone) which causes less hair to shed each day during the pregnancy than what is normally shed on a daily basis. Due to this the hair on the womens head will get very dense during pregnancy which causes the hair strands to become brittle and makes them very easy to break. Although that after giving birth a womens body starts slowly regaining its normal hormonal balance, the womens hair will revert prematurely into its telogen period and start to shed and although this loss of hair can appear to be excessive, most of the time the hair eventually grows back to its normal level, though in some cases the hair loss can be permanent. Another reason for hair is due to the nutrients your body is losing when you are breastfeeding your child.

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