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My Bald Spots Do Not Give Me Character


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Young men who experience receding hairlines and bald spots may react differently. Some grin and bear it, others shave the head completely because it is considered much more acceptable and even cool these days, others are devastated by it and decide to take measures to correct the problem. Older men seem to have the same responses. Women who experience more than normal hair loss tend to take it much more seriously, no matter what the age. It is seen as an ugly intrusion into their personal and professional lives, an uninvited guest who must be expelled at whatever cost.

There is not one treatment for everyone in the prevention quest. Each body is unique in its hormones, chemicals, etc. and responds differently to any available treatment. First, you must eliminate any medical cause, and a trip to the doctor is in order. Because hair loss can be a sign of illness, disease or infections, these have to be eliminated. Second, take stock of your diet, your lifestyle, and your stress levels. If you consume junk food regularly, stop! Get yourself on a diet that contains good protein, iron, lots of fruits and vegetables, and healthy oils. And get with the exercise. Exercise increases blood circulation, and that means circulation to your head. Increased circulation creates healthy cells, and hair and hair follicles are made up of cells.

If your personal or professional life is full of stress and anxiety, you have to find ways to reduce this. Again, exercise and regular relaxation methods are a must. Often, therapy may be required. But, the bottom line is, stress and anxiety cause hair loss. Traumas cause hair loss. Surgery, death, pregnancy, new parenthood, loss of job, etc are all life changing events, and your body acts like a radar system. If you have hair loss that is the result of natural causes, such as hormone changes and heredity, and if this hair loss bothers you, affecting your normal lifestyle, then you need to do something about it. Your options are many, and you have to explore and choose those that are right for you.

Explore common products available. Many are offered at local drug stores or on the Internet. Some come with money back guarantees. If you find one that reduces your hair loss great. Try natural remedies which are available at any health center or on hundreds of Internet sites. These work for some people and are reasonably priced. Consider inexpensive methods hair pieces, wigs, extensions.

The final solution. If you have the money, go for hair transplantation. Average cost is about $10,000, so be prepared!In the end, only you can decide if your hair loss if a problem in your life. If it is, you owe it to yourself and those around you to do something about it. While you are exploring and experimenting, medical researchers are spending millions of dollars trying to find the ultimate cure for hair loss.

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