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Hair Loss Treatment Using Stem Cells


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Androgenetic alopecia is a common form of hair loss that can effect women as well as men. The condition is also known as male pattern balding and female pattern hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia can begin anytime after puberty and gets more common with age.

The reasons why some people develop androgenetic alopecia and others do not are not fully understood. It is generally accepted that genetic background strongly influences the development of androgenetic alopecia. As a matter of fact, normal functioning of stem cells can play a crucial role in treating hair loss and stimulating follicle regeneration.

Stem cells are special cells that act as a repair system of body tissues like intestine, hair follicles, blood capillaries, stomach etc. Stem cells are found in all regenerative organs, that is, organs that regenerates themselves after specific time period.

Recent research has shown that stem cells have the positive result in aiding hair regrowth. In 2004, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine isolated stem cells that are responsible for hair growth. Hair follicles work in cycles. Normal follicles go through periods of growth, rest, and regrowth. Those who suffer from hair loss have abnormal follicles that can enter into much longer resting periods. University of Pennsylvania researchers theorized that the stem cells that are located in the bulge of a hair follicle actually cause hair growth. Researchers transplanted the decedents of stem cells during hair growth into adult mice. During a span of four weeks the transplanted stem cells made new follicles that created new hair.

With many products offered in market, they cannot prove the significant result, but the research about stem cell give the breakthrough the effective stem cell hair regrowth and handle the baldness accurately. Scientists from other universities and institutes have been working toward making advancements in the use of stem cells in hair regrowth. To maintain the multi potent properties, it appeared that the stem cells during the research project hardly needed much rest. It seems from the data gathered so far that the stem cells maintained their character without degradation, which should be good news for the future of hair loss prevention. Stem cell hair regrowth procedure is give the benefits to people with baldness problem to give the solution that the tissues under the skin still can be regrowth using the excellent stem cells. A protein called BMP of stem cells controls the activity of genes in skin cells that tell epithelial stem cells to make hair, the discovery has been said to be vital to future work in the reprogramming of hair follicles, which will aid in hair regrowth.

We can hope that in several years androgenic alopecia will become history. The scientist claim that the operation during which new hair follicles could be implanted to the areas of the patient's scalp and this in turn allows to successfully regrow hair.

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