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The Hormone That Can Cause Hair Loss, Can Also Shorten Your Life

Carrie Westengate

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It is likely you thought losing your hair was the scariest thing you must endure. At the moment, that could be correct. However, inside the body the same problem making the hair drop out is probably shortening your lifespan. This is the DHT hair loss hormone.

DHT, the hormone causing your hair loss, is a concentrated type of Testosterone. If your body makes too much testosterone, you also make too much DHT. While your hair is most sensitive to the affects of testosterone, the rest of your body suffers as well.

A 2007 study carried out by the University of Cambridge’s School of Clinical Medicine discovered the real implications of losing your hair. Men who seemed healthy but were losing their hair had significantly higher quantities of testosterone throughout their bodies. Those self same men experienced a 14% increase of mortality over men without increased testosterone.

A few of the men studied died from the heart problems and hormonal cancers you are likely to naturally associate with high testosterone. However, many died from other medical problems which were rooted within a general lack of health. This study only examined middle aged men over a relatively short time. One can only imagine how much more dangerous the situation can become as the men grow older and the testosterone levels go uncontrolled.

The research concluded that elevated testosterone has a corrosive affect through the entire body. It weakens your whole body in ways you may never detect or see when you look in a mirror. Essentially, as your follicles of hair are deteriorating same goes with your overall health. Please note however, this is simply one such study and others might not have reached the same conclusions.

You can utilize every OTC product available in an attempt to control DHT hair loss on the scalp and save your hair. However, you are not likely to be able to control the excess testosterone creating the DHT or wrecking damage to your body with an OTC product. A whole body solution is the best way to truly save your body and your life.

One of the best whole body solutions can be obtained from The Hair Loss Black Book. This solution targets stopping hair loss by restoring your testosterone, and consequently DHT, to normal, healthy levels. It will likewise teach you to counteract DHT by boosting your body’s natural anti-DHT/anti-testosterone enzymes. Meanwhile, The Hair Loss Black Book will show you nurturing techniques to heal your hair follicles and re-grow hair.

Your hair may be the most visible sign of a problem. However, the actual problem is much deeper. The good thing is you can look and feel good once more. If you are following a entire body solution, there is no doubt that your work to prevent DHT hair loss and restore growth will also stop the deeper damage.

To get more on DHT hair loss and how to solve the problem, take a look at the Hair Loss Black Book and Click Here! . For other options, visit


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