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Hair Care Tips For Over Processed Hair


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Most everyone knows the tell tale signs of over processed hair. Now often we will attribute that to being from chemicals. We tend to fail to recognize the other causes, which can be termed over done. Referring to weather conditions is one such case.

It’s incorrect to think that the winter months are gentler on our hair than the other seasons with the exception of summer. Many people are attuned to what the harsh sun will do to the hair by over processing it.

During the winter months there are a few things that happen to compound the over processed hair problem. To begin with when outdoors the hair is exposed to extreme cold if the individual is not wearing a hat. Then sometimes-wearing hats will make the scalp sweat. Then one of the worst culprits is coming in from outdoors into the dry heat produced by our heating systems.

In the winter we are forced to blow dry our hair more because of time constraints not be able to let it air dry. This is a big cause of over processed hair. We always tend to be in such a hurry that we turn the dryers on high and it begins to burn the outer layers of the hair. Even if we were to use it on low it would be somewhat of a help.

Being aware of some of the major causes of over processed hair helps in itself. The next step is to try to take extra measures to correct the problem. To begin with, over processed hair has become fragile so you want to be extra gentle with it. This means perhaps washing your hair in the early evening so it can dry on its own. Then try to reduce the use of the curling iron whenever possible. Some people have resorted to using rollers but these too can be harsh if not used right.

Don’t plan to get a perm or color during the period of brings your hair back to a healthy stage. You shampoos that are gentle and ones that have extra conditioners. If you use a separate condition, try leaving it on a bit longer.

Avoid rinsing your hair with hot water. Use tepid water instead. Consider using the leave in conditioners for a short period of time or at least until it appears as if the damage has stopped. Getting your hair back to its healthy state is going to take some time, but will be well worth the effort to be able to enjoy those great summer hairdos.

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Hair Care Tips For Problem Hair
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