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Hair Care Tips – Diet For Your Hair


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It’s very important to look after not only your total health but your hair as well. There is such a thing as hair health and it demands to be fed the nutrients like the rest of your body.

Do you ever wonder if your diet really does have an affect on your hair and if it does, then what foods are the best?

Well this same question as spurred on some companies to test hair in comparison to foods. These companies claim to be able to take a strand of your hair and then compare it with local foods and determine which the best foods for you are. Does it work? Who knows it may be too soon to tell. It will be one of those things that if it works then it will make the news, if not it will just be out there for those who have an interest.

Things that we do know for sure are that water plays a major role in our overall body condition and no doubt, this includes the hair as well as our hair demands moisture as well. Actually, ¼ of the weight of each one of our hair strands is made up of water. The hair gets its water supply from the body so if the body is lacking in water then the hair has to be too. That may raise the question is this the cause of dry hair? Well that would depend on some factors. For example are there any external reasons for the dryness. If not then it could be a strong suggestion that the body is lacking water.

Hair consists mainly of protein. We know our bodies have to have a certain amount of protein in our diet. Perhaps if we are not getting enough though the hair is the last to receive what protein we have. Maybe because of our lack of protein the hair is being robbed.

Next, we come to minerals. One of the most important being iron. Iron has the job of carrying oxygen to our hair. We all know how ill we can become if our oxygen level is low. Then we need to consider the high content of zinc found in meats and seafood. It is believed that zinc can slow down hair loss and in some cases prevent it.

It is said that copper which comes from vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat will improve your natural hair color. This is something we don’t consider too much. Being able to enhance the hair color you were born with could be very beneficial in our overall hair appearance.

When you are considering hair care, you have to take into account all aspect of it. First, you need to do everything to make your hair healthy, just as we have pointed out with these foods. Then you have to take proper care of it. Its superior hair care products that make this part of hair care an easy task. Maintenance is every bit as important to healthy hair as achieving it in the first place is.

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