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What Vitamin Deficiency Can Cause Hair Loss? Find Out Now


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Did you know that hair loss can occur when a vitamin deficiency occurs? It's true, there are a few essential vitamins your body needs to maintain good hair health. While there are other factors that may cause hair loss vitamin deficiency is the easiest one you can work on.

So what vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss? You'll be surprised, but there is actually more than one particular vitamin that may cause hair loss if your body lacks those vitamins. One of the major vitamins your body needs for healthy and rich hair is Biotin. Also known as vitamin H, Biotin aids in hair growth and has been shown to prevent further hair loss The basic function of Biotin is to metabolize free fatty acids, which are also important for overall body health. Biotin also works to prevent greying just as well as preventing hair loss.

Another vitamin good for hair loss is Pantothenic Acid. This vitamin also known as Calcium Pantothenate is vital for good health in the skin and the scalp. This vitamin helps with the refining of food for energy. Continued consumption of this vitamin has been shown to turn grey hair into normal darker hair and reverse hair loss You can find this vitamin in such foods as egg yolks, whole grain foods, whole milk, and vegetables like potatoes.

For hair loss also try to take in vitamin A, a deficiency in vitamin A can cause dry skin and dry hair though you should only take about 2,500 iu of Vitamin A per day. Some studies have shown that overuse of vitamin A can further cause hair loss and other diseases. Carrots are rich in vitamin A if you need to fill your vitamin A intake for the day.

Did you know that hair is made out of protein? That's right, your hair is actually 90% protein, so naturally, a deficiency in protein may cause hair loss A good way to get your protein is to eat lean meats, dairy, and whey. Whey protein is easily absorbed by your body and can greatly benefit your hair's health.

If you're suffering from hair loss it's recommended to take a multivitamin that has all of these vitamins, that way you can just take one vitamin and receive all the benefits.

Now that you know what vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss be sure to visit Cure Hair Loss Now for fast and effective tips to reversing hair loss.



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