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Remarkable Home Remedies For Hair Growth to Use Today


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You can literally find a home remedy for just about anything. They even make books solely based on nothing but home remedies that cure you of sickness and even those for making your own household cleaners.

I got another one for you. You can even find home remedies for hair growth. Your mother will be proud to know that you're using some natural remedies for baldness after you finish reading this article.

I'm going to outline one of them for you and if you find it to be well, a little strange, bear with me because it works. So let me say first that there are a lot of lies being spread through media advertisements both online and offline about what actually causes you to lose your hair.

I hate these twisted tales of truth, so let me just say that there are various reasons you may lose some of your hair. It's not all about genetics either. Take for example someone who is recovering from a sickness, they may experience a certain degree of hair loss.

If your doctor puts you on medication, after taking that for a while you could possibly notice that this is causing you to shed a few hairs. This is especially the case if you're on thyroid medications.

For some women birth control pills cause them to lose a few hairs or two. So as you can see your reasons for losing hair could be many. I could go on and on about some other things that cause hair loss but for the sake of time I'm going to focus on the most important ones.

So guys if you are seeing that your hairline is receding, let me tell you about one simple home remedy for hair growth you can use right now. Go to your local drug store and ask for a bottle of saw palmetto extract. You can usually find it in ther herb section next to the vitamins.

You want to make sure that you are taking 1,500 mg at least of this stuff per day. No more no less. Research has shown this amount to be the most effective in blocking the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness, DHT.

DHT will eat your follicles alive slowly. That's why your hair doesn't just all of a sudden come out and voila, you have thinning hair. DHT will continue to build up over time till it just leaves you looking like Mr. Clean before you know it.

Be smart and take saw palmetto each day to ward off this harmful, hair destroying hormone.

Hundreds of home remedies for hair growth exist if you just know where to find them all. The best part of all is that they are very cheap and effective.

You can download a FREE REPORT that outlines natural ways to regrow your hair fast.


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2 Secret Home Remedies For Hair Loss
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