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Hair Loss - 3 Tips On Hair Loss Treatment

Wong Darren

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Men and women alike tend to experience, at one point in their lives, the dilemma of hair loss. This condition typically begins at the age of 20 or 30 but is definitely not age-specific. Genes, stress, lifestyle, trauma, medications, and poor nutrition are some of the many factors that cause hair loss.

Because this hair condition has become very common, especially among men, most people see it as something normal rather than some kind of disease. Today, various ways can be used to treat hair loss or balding. Some hair loss treatment products can be easily bought over the counter. Some may involve costly procedures while others are readily made from natural ingredients.

Tip #1. Try Minoxidil

Because of its vasodilating effects, Minoxidil was originally used to treat only high blood pressure in the form of an oral drug, which is Loniten®. However, it was found out that Minoxidil has a hair growth side effect. Hence, in the 1980s, an FDA approved solution containing 2% Minoxidil was approved for the market to be used to treat hair loss and reverse baldness. The solution was known under the brand name Rogaine and can be topically applied on anterior areas, as well as in the vertex regions of the scalp to facilitate growth of lighter and thinner hair in male-pattern baldness. The topical solution may cause dizziness, increased heart rate, and skin irritation. It may take several months before wanted results of this hair loss treatment becomes visible.

Tip #2. Consider Hair transplantation

This surgical procedure involves relocating or transplanting hair follicles from the sides and back of the head to an individual's thinning or bald areas. The hair follicles can be harvested from these “donor areas" because they are resistant to baldness. The hair follicles that have been transplanted usually grow hair permanently because, as mentioned earlier, they are resistant to baldness.

With advanced techniques in hair transplantation that we have today, small grafts containing 1 to 4 hair follicles are transplanted on a person's bald areas. This contemporary method can actually appear natural by imitating the natural hair. This very convenient and effective procedure is referred to as “Follicular Unit Transplantation". Because of its many advantages, many people suffering from hair loss are opting for this kind of hair loss treatment.

Scalp reduction is another not-so-popular hair loss treatment method. In this procedure, the skin of the thinning or balding scalp area is surgically cut out. After doing so, the surgeon will pull together the left over skin and suture it for closure.

Tip #3. Wear a Wig

Sometimes, no medications or procedures will work on your hair loss problem. In cases like this, you are left with no other option but to wear a wig or other sorts of hairpieces. With such hair apparel, hair thinning or balding, whether temporary or permanent, can be hidden.

Wigs make use of synthetic hair that is planted into a netting made of nylon, and is designed to fit a person's head. Today, several quality hairpieces available are made from real human hair, making it appear more natural.

Darren W. is an online medical researcher and webmaster of Hair Loss Products Related topics: Vitamin and Hair Loss and Learning More About Hair Transplantation


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