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Baldness Cure That Naturally Stops Hair Loss


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Most men and even some women experience hair loss . It can be a hard thing to deal with, and affect an individual's self-esteem. At least three out of every five men go through some loss of hair by age 40.

Many hair restoration companies promote various products as a means of helping to regrow hair and cure baldness . Some work for a while then stop, while others do not work at all and leave you disappointed and feeling hopeless.

There is a baldness cure that naturally stops hair loss and it's practically guaranteed to work since it has helped thousands. Since it's natural you can rest assure it doesn't have any reported side effects.

What is this cure? It's Saw Palmetto and olive oil. Both are normally not used for the purpose of preventing and treating hair loss, yet this is what they do.

Saw Palmetto is more commonly used as a way to keep the prostate gland in top shape and protect it from cancer. It also blocks the leading culprit for male pattern baldness, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone is a byproduct of the male hormone testosterone. It's present in our bodies as young men but is produced faster as we get older.

The way it causes hair loss to occur is by weakening hair follicles at their roots. Over a span of time little by little, the hairs on the scalp will fall out in patterns getting thinner and thinner.

If you want to fight this problem, just take 1,500 mg a day of Saw Palmetto and in a few short weeks your hair loss will be cured naturally. Use olive oil at night and rub it into the scalp and rinse in the morning. It works as a detoxifying agent to rid hair follicles of any buildup that can halt hair growth.

Did you know almost all commercial shampoo contains an ingredient that leads to baldness ? Log on to to find out what it is and how to maintain your hair.


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All About Hair Loss and Baldness
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