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Natural Hair Loss Treatment - Can You Really Stop The Inevitable?


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We all marvel at those who have amazingly thick glorious locks of hair that is full of body and bounce. The reality is that a large percentage of us will inevitably find our hair line receeding at various rates of knots until we are left with at best tufts of hair around our ears and the back of our heads leaving a somewhat shiny bald scalp that gets easily sun burnt and suffers from the cold of winter. Not to mention that most of us perceive we are less attractive to the opposite sex .

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair Loss occurs predominantly because of your genetic makeup, if either side of your family suffers from hair loss there is a strong likelihood that you will follow suit. Hair loss can also occur as a result of stress, medication, birth control, sickness, and even hormonal issues. For example, hormonal changes can cause Dihydrotestoteron (DHT) to increase this is Known to cause indirectly a degeneration of the hair roots.

If you are suffering from hair loss, consider turning to natural hair loss treatments. The use of these treatments is to increase your overall health and vitality. Using natural hair loss treatment products will help restore the balance of health in your body and you will be amazed at how that can restore your hair.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments Include Supplements

The use of chemical based shampoos and other treatments can further enhance your hair loss Rather than slathering your scalp with these chemicals in the hope of restoring your former locks, turn to natural hair loss treatments that include oral vitamin and mineral supplements. When you add the right supplements to your diet, you will see a difference in your hair. Consider natural hair loss treatments that include PABA, Zinc, Ginger, and Magnesium. If you take zinc, you may also need to supplement copper as well. Recent studies show that when zinc and copper are out of balance in your body, it can actually cause hair loss to occur.

Another natural hair loss treatment is applying the inner gel like substance from the aloe vera plant which has been used over the centuries as a topical solution for skin care and is known to contain many of the natural vitamins, minerals enzymes and elements that contribute to healthy skin and hair.

Topical products containing Oleamic Acid, from the leaves of the olive tree stops the influence of Dihydrotestosteron (DHT) and Apigenin, harvested from citrus fruits enhances the blood flow to the roots of the hair. The combination of these two ingredience is designed to encourage hair groth.

Taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement is a step in the right direction when it comes to natural hair loss treatments. Naturally it is also important to eat a well balanced diet. Stick to a good balance of protein and carbohydrates and avoid high fat and processed foods.

Your hair is a protein, so eating a diet rich in protein can help to keep it healthy. Some studies indicate that people who do not consume enough protein can have iron deficiencies, which can also lead to hair loss.

Of course there are many other natural hair loss treatments whose advocates swear by homemade remedies that stimulate the scalp. Some homemade cures include adding a bit of cider vinegar to your shampoo, having frequent scalp massages, and using heat to stimulate the follicles.

Have any of these treatments been scientifically proven? Without a doubt some of these natural hair loss treatments do logically increase the likelihood of stronger hair growth but nothing definitive has yet been proven.

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Natural Hair Loss Treatment Why Its the Best Alternative
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