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Bald Head Treatment - 1 Great Method For Hair Regrowth


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Being bald, for many, is a great limitation. It limits your appearance for one thing, and can greatly affect how you feel about yourself, especially if you're bald at an early age. The outcome of such a thing will spark interest in those people if there is any kind of bald head treatment they can use on their hair loss. In here you'll find a great method to reverse hair loss and regrow lost hair.

If you're bald, chances are you've tried using some kind of bald head treatment in your life, probably with no real success at all, hence why you're bald. This is because common hair loss drugs don't work on all hair loss sufferers. This is when you must turn to a more holistic method that works very well on many many hair loss patients.

Here's the best way to regrow hair

Take some saw palmetto oil, rosemary oil, ginger oil, lavender oil, and jojoba oil. Take some Aloe Vera Gel and put some in a small cup. Now take the essential oils, and drop about 5 drops of each oil onto the aloe vera gel. Mix it well until it looks semi orangy. The main ingredient in this mix is the saw palmetto oil, its purpose is to reduce dihydrotestosterone in your body, which is the main cause of hair loss and all forms alopecia areata.

Now take this formula, and apply it gently on your hair and scalp. It's vital for this formula to be on your head for at least an hour, that way your scalp will absorb all of the beneficial properties from each of the oils. Aloe vera also has hair regrowth properties as it's main purpose is to nourish your hair shafts and follicles.

After you apply the formula, gently massage your scalp for about 5 minutes, this increases stimulation on your scalp and improves absorption. Instead of rubbing through your hair, simply move your skin on your scalp in a circular motion, if you rub through your hairs you could risk accidentally pulling them out. Rubbing your scalp in a circular motion is many times more effective in stimulating blood flow and virtually zero risk of pulling any hair out.

This bald head treatment is not a miracle cure, but you may believe it is when you see the results. You will not regrow all of your hair overnight, this method requires several weeks before you see any significant change in your hair. Just keep at it, do this twice every day and before you know it your hair will be thicker, longer, and stronger.

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