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Why Herbal Treatments For Hair Loss Rule


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I recently did some research which revealed numerous hair loss treatments you can choose from that without a doubt will work effectively on hair loss in a short period of time.

Of the most popular hair loss treatments out there today, herbal supplements are the number one choice. Recent scientific breakthroughs now allow herbal nutrients to be concentrated, and with that said, herbal supplements prove to be one of the best alternatives to be discovered in recent years.

Let us examine popular herbal remedies that can help prevent and even cure hair loss. One of the most popular hair loss remedies today is ginkgo biloba. This herb stimulates the flow of blood in the body including the brain area. This improved blood flow helps deliver more vitamins and nutrients to the follicles so it will promote hair growth. Protein is especially helpful in hair growth and it will also strengthen your hair so a daily intake of protein rich food would be helpful especially when you are taking gingko biloba.

Pygeum herb (derived from the bark of the African plum tree) which is widely used to treat prostate cancer has been discovered to be helpful in preventing male pattern baldness. However, the remedy of choice for a large number of males is the saw palmetto herb. Saw palmetto is widely used today for protection of the prostate gland. You should note that there are many hair loss treatments that are sold commercially with the saw palmetto as its main ingredients. It can also be taken in pure form with its recommended daily dosage of 160mg. But remember to choose the extract and not the dried berries if you want to buy the purest form of this herb.

Another effective treatment for preventing hair loss is the herb nettles, which is usually taken in the form of nettle root extract. This plant has been shown to be rich in vitamins A and C, thus correcting the vitamin deficiency that caused hair loss in the first place.

These are but a small part of the abundant natural alternatives for your hair loss problem. A little research will provide you with several other options, but before you opt for those expensive medications and surgery, spare a little time and thought for what nature could do for you.

Give me 15 minutes a day, a few weeks time, and go buy a few things at the grocery store that will cost you about $11.42 . . . and I'll give you a new head of hair . . . click here !


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Hair Loss - Treatments Available to Combat Hair Loss
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